Who’s my VALENTINE? Next year!

Happy Valentines!

The top line of some messages received today but they were
from my best friends.

Happy single day it is for me, with a smile on my face.

Being single for a little while, the commercialisation can
be a bit annoying.

Roses over floating supermarkets and hearts are everywhere. Ok, this is one of the bestselling days for retail, but can be quite emotionally difficult
for some people.

Recently separated, long time singles, I know how you feel.
I’ve been there.

This year I made the decision to just do something for me,
focus on something I like and makes me happy. And I just have a joyfully day.

Simple! (actually you can do that every day)

I clearly empathising only positive word and descriptions
here as this is the key. I better think of all the great things I can do, will
do today, instead of what I don’t have or miss.

This feels good.

Live in the present.

I treat myself to nice food and drinks tonight but also go
to the gym.

Why not being active today? It takes my mind away and
activates positive hormones.

Win – win situation.

If you have no plans for tonight, just simply ask yourself
what you would like to do. How can you, and only YOU make yourself happy?

There are so many things you simply can experience on your
own or with a group.

Group exercise it is for me tonight and a nice dinner
takeaway. It’s my day, it’s going to be a treat.

Very positive I started the year. Ok, a few ups and down around
the birthday but now I will pull the power back into my hands.

What does it mean?

2018 is my year.

One of my new year resolutions was to delete all the dating
apps and find a partner very random somewhere out there.

Since I deleted the apps like Tinder, Bumble and Happen, I
feel so much better.

It was time consuming. No, it was a waste of time. Most of
the conversations were going nowhere and I didn’t meet up. 

I’s not for serious dating, it’s not for me.

Sure I also know good examples. Friends who met via Tinder
and are happy.

This year it will just happen naturally.

I’m single and I like to find a partner…

Who’s my VALENTINE? Next year!



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