5km 10-13 obstacles

Living in a big city you have your friends, colleagues around and you enjoy going for after work drinks or events together. If you also enjoy being active, this new Tough Mudder 5km Urban concept might be your cup of tea.


No mud as it’s in a park! However we had a bit of rain in London and even a local park can get your feet dirty. Never wear your newest trainers.

I find it quite fun and will go and get muddy when I challenge myself to the Tough Mudder Classic (8-10 miles) event later in the year.

Mudder Village

We arrived early and had a look around Tough Mudder Urban Village. We got ready, watched some of the obstacles like “Everest” or “Pyramide Scheme”. In the Village was Start and Finish close together which was perfect for all spectators and also great fun to hang out afterwards enjoying food and drink while DJ is playing.

Finsbury Park Obstacles

After a short warm up we started with an easy jog until we got to the first obstacle. Climbing over and jumped down. “Easy, well done, let’s keep on jogging”, I motivated my team.


Most of the obstacles you really have to rely on your team. Help each other up and over. Or like in the picture above, Daniele and me had to balance and move across to the other side. It was important to lean backwards into a squat and move step by step. It’s one of the obstacles I’ve never done before. In fact Tough Mudder Urban had so many new obstacles, that really got me excited.

Obstacle: EVEREST

Reaching for the top where team mate Daniela will grab my hand and help me over the edge.

Happy Finish!

13 obstacles, 5km later we earned our finisher headband and T-Shirt. And who doesn’t like a finisher beer? One of my favourite IPAs. Together with some food and good vibes from the DJ, we stayed on for a few more hours. The Village has a festival fun, dance atmosphere and we danced the afternoon away…

Thinking of doing one yourself? Here is the website to find an event near you Tough Mudder.

Last year I went to a few events which were muddy and fun, have a look here:

Tough Mudder London North

Tough Mudder London West

Me and my team were gifted the event entry. Big thank you to Tough Mudder we had lots of fun.


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