BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week before the race


This post is just a short one. In general I’m a positive thinking person and don’t want to moan too much. But what the fxxxx was going on in the week before Berlin Marathon race?

Seriously, I felt the worst ever. My whole body was aching. Especially my right side from leg to shoulder was very tight. So tight that I had to go and have a massage. It didn’t get better. Also sitting at work the whole day might not be ideal. My friend recommended to go for a swim to loosen the muscles. Swimming supposed to be a good active recovery for runners.

I haven’t been in the swimming pool for a year maybe or at least it felt that long. In that week I actually went 2x that’s how bad my muscles were. I was absolutely burned out. I think that’s maybe because I pushed the last half marathon too much. But hold one I actually ran the last 4 weekends each Sunday a half marathon distance or more. I guess  it all added up.

Overall I was pleased about my training but feeling shit the week before the race doesn’t help. A physical burnout, muscle tightness was challenging me mentally. I felt, I want to cry, but I didn’t.  All of a sudden the race was so close and I knew it will happen.  Panic, I guess I just was worrying too much and panicked.

In the week before the race you taper down. That means you do small and easy runs to keep the muscle active. But I just couldn’t, my legs felt they couldn’t do it and there was this new hip tightness I never had before. I didn’t understand my body. Maybe it was all in my mind? The worry, the fear about 42km? Can I do it? I knew I can , I did it before but I panicked that something will go wrong.

My friend Daniela G. calmed me down. Talking to a friend who understands me and is a strong runner too, just helped me a lot. She was at my first 10km race a few years ago and she would have been in Berlin, if she hadn’t attended a race herself. Support is so important and I can’t thank her enough!

At the end I managed to run one more time to work (6.5km) and just took care about my nutrition. It was all about vitamins, staying healthy and not getting sick. Of cause lots of carbs which is called carb loading. The end of the week I felt better. Just another funny thing happened. I never get blisters when I run but I managed to get some from my work heels! Really just days before the race? Why now! I think that was someone testing me and how strong I am mentally. Now bring on the race!

Training DONE!

BERLIN MARATHON bring it on!


Pic: Blisters from my heels not from running!




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