VLM 2015: Meet The Experts Day

Date:       07/02/2015

Location: Institute of Education, London

Meet the Experts was organised by Virgin Money London Marathon to give an overview of the VLM event. Pre race, race and after race information were given to know the best way how to be organise. Pictures from previous London Marathons were shown and the speakers mentioned highlight on the course. Overall the speech really pointed out the support on the day and the aim to make it a very special day to everyone participating. There were lots of first timers in the audience and I don’t know if it was just me but I felt very touched and emotional. It is a very big challenge and the training to get there is so hard, that I can’t imaging the day I actually wait at the start and the emotions after crossing the finish line.

The whole day had a good mix of history & information. Sponsors like Adidas were showing thier BOOST shoes and offering free fitting and advice. Lucozade Sport drink giving advice on nutrition and plenty of tips from Experts including Gold Medallist.

Below are a few highlights and a few tips (I have already incorporated into my training). It is good to hear these advices several times as I go along in my training to avoid wrong attempts or pushing to hard to early.

Sam Murphy, running coach & Runner’s World magazine section editors Top 7 tips:


  • Structure your training, consider WHAT and WHEN to do it.
  • Get the balance right, use hard and easy rule
  • Don’t leave rest days to chance


  • Don’t just run, make strength training running specific.

==> for the importance of cross-training we learnt some single leg exercises:




  • Vary your terrain between off-road, treadmill and track running.


  • Run well: stay tall, relaxed, fast and light.


  • Always warm-up and cool down. Flexibility isn’t uniform.


  • Listen to your body. Rate “Good pain vs. bad pain”.





Richard Whitehead, Paralympic gold medallist and marathon world-record holder. 

He also ran 40 marathons in 40 days in 2013





2015 London Marathon elite field is one of the most exciting ones ever:
On the Men front: 
Dennis Kimetto is the World record holder since he won Berlin 2014 in 2:02:57,
Wilson Kipsang is VLM champion.

On the women front: 
Edna Kiplagat is World champion and 2014 London victor
Mary Keitany was a two-time London winner,
Florance Kiplagat 2014 runner-up,
Priscah Jeptoo was 2013 winner.

On top of that Paula Redcliff, 2013 London Marathon World Record holder 02:15:25 is back in the game and will start in the main field.

Wow! Nothing else to say! 

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