Virgin Money London Marathon: Training week 3+4

The following 2 weeks were about implementing different training session to increase the fitness level. 
4 running sessions with a gym strengthening session in the middle. 
This was about:

  • holding a certain pace and heart rate  ==> I can easily run a steady pace but with my HR I’m struggling. It always increases quite high when I run faster so I end up running on average at 176 HR on my steady runs. Maybe with more training my HR will lower as my fitness level increases.
  • Fartlek: running faster sections during a medium long distance ==> I choose Green Park. After a warmup of 2km I decided to speed up always on the long flat side of the park for ca 2 min. Slowing down to catch my breath until I reached the same spot again and repeated it about 4x or until I reached my km target for the day.  
  • Hill interval: High Intensity training is key to increase fitness and speed work ==> 20sec sprint/ 40 sec. recovery jog 10x,  with I repeated 2x! The second round I had a small 10min jog in-between. The first round it felt hard and I got a bit sick when I drank water which can happen due to maximum heard rate. The second 10x felt much stronger, I pushed my legs and ashen I checked my HR at the end of the 20 sec, I was lower than in the first training section.  

         ==> That showed me a performance improvement within my training session.

  • Long run: relaxed steady pace.


I managed to get all 4 runs in and I got familiar with the different session. It worked all well, but my highlight was the Nike Training Week!

 Amazing Location in central London: 

ONE Mayfair (an old church)

Instead of completing my long run of 13k I shorted it to 10k and went to free fitness and yoga classes by Nike.

This pose is called the pigeon and a relaxed way to finish off an afternoon of sport.



The 4th week ended with a 13km long run.

Having the long run on a Saturday was great as it was my Birthday and I could have some drink afterwards without worrying about the next day.

My day started with donating some cloth and shoes to a charity shop and off I went for my long run in Hyde park. 

    Kensington Palace

I chose a similar route like the previous week and randomly changed a few side paths.

Passing Kensington Palace got me excited and I stopped quickly for a pic. Alongside Serpentine I found Dianas Memorial Fountain and this time I ran inside as the gate was open. Beautiful. I was surprised, I had no idea. 

Dianas Memorial Fountain

This weeks learning from my long run:

The first couple km I felt my right carf tweaking.  Maybe due to yesterdays hill intervals. 

I kept an easy steady pace were I was able to talk. 

After 6km I started to feel my ankles and acknowledged that my carf was not bothering me anymore. 

I enjoyed running so much that day. Being outside, listening to music, watching other runners and getting inspired, just made me happy.

At the end of my workout between 10-13km, my legs felt just fine. Nothing was bothering me anymore. That was an interesting learning.

==> Listen to your body and acknowledge your weaknesses but on the same time accept the tweaking. Be patient throughout your workout and give the muscles time to worm up. Understand and take a learning out of your session that will give you confidence for future runs.

I realised that although I had small muscle issues, it went away during my run and I finished my workout feeling strong. Therefore I am optimistic already for next weeks long run and   general longer distances.

                           Well deserved B-Day Lunch at Hoxton Pie. Ready to party!

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