Virgin London Marathon: week 16 Tapering and 7 more days to go!

What a sunny start of the tapering week… 6,2km run along the canal straight to work.

I kept up the strengthening training but also tried a new class called “BARRECORE”. The exercises were based on Yoga and ballet pulsing movements.

Nutrition suggestion from my General Manager who has Marathon experience and got this tip from a friend: eat a jar of Manuka Honey the last few days before the race. This suppose to be good and might help my speed at the end.

Of cause I had my carbloading plan in place but somehow didn’t fancy eating pasta that much after I felt in love with quinoa recently, but I had to eat carbs, carbs and carbs.

Mid week it happened: PANIC STRESS ATTACK

I had a full body massage and I was so relaxed and happy, but the next day I felt the panic feeling rising and I …

  • felt ill,
  • was worrying about getting ill not going to be fit for race day,
  • realised my tummy felt tight,
  • noticed that my breathing didn’t feel relaxed and natural,

==> all my attention was on my body and every single niggle was a drama.

This is called maranoia that describing last-minute panicking, for no legitimate reason, specifically during the taper for a marathon. I came across this terminology in the weekly Parkrun email and thought, yes that’s so true.

I know I have trained hard and done my best and it’s now to relax but keep moving till Sunday.


The next day I felt a bit better and went to get my race number at the Excel expo…





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