Virgin London Marathon: week 15 last training days before tapering down

The highlight of my last training week was the simple fact that each distance would be run for the last time. My longer runs during the week were in Hyde Park were I managed to pass all points on the pic above though out the different training sessions. 

Pic: Hide Park: view on Serpentine. The weather had changed and so had my mood become brightened up and hopeful for the big day coming closer and closer.

On the last 13km run before work I had to capture this beautiful view of Kensington Palace

Running around the lake 2 or 3 times was one of my favourite parts of the morning run. I have seen this view in so many different ways. This brings back the time and memories of the cold winter runs and the beautiful sunny ones.



One more fact I was made aware of was the time that has passed and how things can change.

The example training throughout different seasons was on and another one was this cute duck family I met at the small pond in front of Kensington Palace. I saw the little babies growing up and on my last run I just realised that they have become bigger and bigger. I felt I would need to go back for a run after the Marathon, just to see them again. A bit sentimental but the whole Marathon commitment is quite emotional in general – from a first timer point of view!


It is what it is, time goes bye so quickly like little duck babies can grow up or a 16 week training schedule was coming to an end. I was aware of the training I did, the physical challenges I had and the progress I made. A long way to go with ONE more week of tapering down till race day.


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