Virgin London Marathon: Training week 5-8

Hyde Park 7:30 am: Small lake opposite Kennsington Palace. Snow in London is very rare.

Week 5: London Hyde Park

This week was challenging.
The snow looked beautifull but was freezing cold. ==> No excuse! I committed!

Looking at the program my personal trainer gave me, the challenges were:

  • To run 4x a week with increased distance on each run compared to previous week.
  • Continue the program for 3 weeks with increased long runs each Sunday.
  • Recovery week before the Half Marathon.
  • Enjoy every run!


All happened differently as I was hit by the unexpected!

Achieved training weeks in February.

Learnings from week 5:

  • Don’t push too hard, listen to your Body.

I managed to finish the week without missing a single training session.

The increased millage was challenging so I felt my legs in particulat my right shin and joint.

Fridays distance based intervall session I ran in Green Park. It was challenging to find the ideal path to run on. I changed the route during the session. I found myself sprinting some times downhill as the distance was longer than expected. After the recovery I endet up at a different end, not at my starting point. This training session was completely new and I was a bit lost. Learning by doing while pushing myself. The sprints uphill and downhill had a lot of impact and my legs and altough I felt it a lot, I pushed the run to my max. Using the foamroller after the run and before going to sleep helped but my legs were still suffering the next days.

Same lake without snow 6:30pm: 15k long run before I got sick.

Beautyfull athmospare before it got dark in Hyde Park.

Week 5 was very successful until I pushed it too hard twice. My legs were tired from the sprints and I still pushed to get 15k done on my long run. I managed to run 10.4km in the park and I nearly got lost in the dark. It was pitch black when my leg hurt. I walked a bit to take a picture and pushed running to the gym in Marylebone before it closed.

In the gym I jumped onto the treatmill as I was so eager to achieve my distance goal. More than 3km to do, it was painfull but I pushed it.

Happy but exhaused I streched and rolled my legs. Then it hit me while I was still on the mat. My body shut down. I felt cold shivers and exhaution. I felt illness coming from nowhere.

OMG, I realised it just when it was too late.

I felt like getting temperature, I felt cold. I paniced and went home without a shower. I just wanted to be home and relax.

At home I took a hot bath but felt cold lying in it. I was too weak to eat but forced myself to a snack. Horrible, how could I push myself to this stage? Normally I alway listen to my body. I was so excited about the training an the new challege that week, that I trained so hard. On the same time didn’t sleep well. All came together. I was burned out!

Week 6: ill = Recovery Week

Felt frustration beeing ill and not able to train was a mental challenge.
Luckily I only got a soar throat and a cold but nothing more serious. I had absolutelly no energy at all.

The only activety I did were 2x easy 5k runs but those I really loved. Honestly it was a bit too ealy to run but I couldn’t hold myself back any longer.

Week 7: Recovered = building up the km

My friend Anne from Germany stayed for the weekend and we enjoyed a slow jog to one of my favourit spots.

Overall I took it easy that week and tryed to buid it to regular 10k runs.

After all the training and a full time job I was looking forward to my holiday with family and friends in Germany. Cooking my favourite dish got me in the mood.

Typical German dish: Pork Schnitzel with pan fried potatoes

Week 8:

Back in the game running 10k after 10k.

Early morning in Hyde Park

WEEKEND: Traved to Frankfurt Germany.

Triathlon Convention: 10km race with new PB

Here is the full race Report: click HERE to view

Learnings from week 8:

  • When you are ill take your time and don’t start running too early.
  • Rest days are more important than you think. My legs felt so strong again so I managed to get my new personal best time at TCR 10k race.
  • Enjoy every run and be happy about every small goal you have achieved.

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