Valentine’s Fitness Weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day from the gym

Being a young single women in my best age and living in London, I feel overwhelmed by the high streets LOVE! Flowers, hearts everywhere and the Marketing slogans about this one special day! Annoying!

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day I knew this will be another year of spending V-Day in a different way than all loving couples.

Ha! Brilliant Graffiti! That’s how I felt few days ago with food poisoning.

I saw this pic online and thought: YES! Ah, No! No! No!

I decided to not feel like this, this year. I don’t want to feel hate and disgust about Love! No, I don’t wan’t to be one of those Valentine’s Haters anymore, because next year it might be me feeling happy in a relationship. Why should I drag myself down into something I don’t want to feel? I don’t like these negative vibes in general so why not direct my feelings, energy and mind into a direction that makes me happy!

Physically active is the answer! Sport and being active makes everyone happy! Why? First of all it’s a natural thing that happens in your body as soon as you exercise and push your body to your personal limits, you will produce hormones that simply make you feel good. Secondly, your mind will be happy that you have been active and can eat exactly what you were craving for earlier. Oh, and so many other reasons…

Here is my Happy Valentine’s Workout Weekend:

Pic by Flo Kum, Commando Active


Sponsored by The North Face I attended a full body workout at Primrose Hill.

The North Face started their free outdoor training session end of last year (2015). Every Tuesday Londoner can train in Green Park but they also host special events like this one.

I managed to sign up for it and here I was, the early bird, freezing with my hand under my armpit and looking at the equipment to be used during the session…

Outdoor gym at the bottom of Primrose Hill, opposite London Zoo’s Bird cage!

30 people were signed up but due to the rainy and cold weather conditions, we were around mid twenty. Old and new faces. Chatting away, feeling cold but eager to start exercising to feel warm again, we were all waiting for him, Jon. Our trainer and I would say a friend I have been running trough the Jungle with, set up additional equipment in the outdoor gym. He is an ex marine, so you can imagine how dynamic the class was. I loved it.

Pic by: Flo Kum, Commando Active

Warm up, out door gym exercising in pairs, Jon pushed us up Primrose Hill 3 x ! Who knows that hill, knows the challenge.

Two hours later and a beautiful few from top of the hill, The North Face treated us to a healthy lunch.

 Healthy Gym Bites

Heathy Gym Bits on my plate: Salat, quinoa veg and tasty dressing

What an awesome and rewarding morning! I’m glad I went.

Sunday: Valentine’s Day


This is my game face on! Termination, strength, power and a hint of a smile!

You laugh? Ha, you wouldn’t if you have met this guy! His classes are the HIT! High Intensity workouts where you loose your breath.

Still laughing?

Well, I love his classes and always have a smile on my face when I attended Fitz classes in The Third Space.

Fitz Gaynes is a legend, he really mad me lift heavy weights and thought me how to squat.  Sounds strange but if you don’t know how to squat? Forget your workout/classes. Posture, knee position, straight back and bum down! A squat is one of the essential things to learn how to do right, especially when you are a runner.

Anyway back to my special workout! Fitz Valentine’s massacre: Breaking Hearts!


Video: The concept!

1st part: on the treadmill: switched off, trial run.

If you are a runner and using the treadmill on a regular basis, I’m sure you have never used it his way before: Switched off and only by pushing your bodyweight against it and moving the belt with your leg muscles. It is hard, really hard. You have to move the treadmill with your own legs, kind of the other way round I would say. A nightmare! I’m not new to this so I kind of handled it, quietly suffering and impressed by some guys who really rocked it!

2nd part of the #HIT #BreakingHeart #FitzLifestyleTraining was 12 min of interval based exercises. 15 seconds on, 15 sec. off.

Basically nonstop workout for with a moment to breath!

Yes, hardcore but we all loved it.

15 sec tuck-jumps,

15 sec squat jumps,

15 sec push ups,

15 sec mountain climbers

– just as an example!

The man who breaks heard on Valentine’s Day – in the gym! Fitz Gaynes

The final and last 30 min session was Spinning in the new Disco room! But there was no Party going to happen, it was hard work! Spinning intervals! Him shouting “up” , “down” and “up”, “down”…

My legs were tired from the previous session and of cause I did an amazing 2h workout yesterday! But I pushed and sprinted as fast as I could!

Now, If you think I’m crazy doing that on a Sunday. That’s fine. I love what I do and everyone is doing their own pace. HIT classes are just made for my liking and I see the benefit from just 30 min hard work instead of 1h easy and steady.

I had an amazing weekend doing what I like and meeting awesome likeminded people.

Happiness allover! I was ending this lovely weekend with a positive vibe and that’s what I wanted.

If you are single like me, don’t be depressed and sad! Choose to do something that you love and you feed great. Soon there will be someone attracted to you.

Stay strong, stay positive!

LOVE Sabine! 

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