UVU Jungle Marathon 2012 – The details

Date: October 4th- 13th 2012

All competitors will have the choice of two distances:100km in 4 days or 222km after 6 days.The race is self-sufficient therefore I have to carry my belongings including food in my rucksack. Bottled water and a medical check will be provided at each checkpoint every 5-10km.


Jungle conditions

The temperature during the day might be around 45ºC and at night 15ºC (rain showers to be expected). The terrain is very hilly and often muddy, which can make the climbs and descents quite slippery. I will have to cross swamps, rivers and also run on paths through villages and hamlets in the jungle. I am actually looking forward to the swimming/wading bit to refresh myself!

At night I will be sleeping in my hammock at campsites along the shores of the river.
The local wildlife: jaguars, snakes, scorpions, spiders and ticks.


Race Stages:

1.    Departs 7am, 16 km, cut-off at 5.30pm

2.    Departs 6am, 25 km, cut-off at 5.30pm

3.    Departs 6am, 38 km, cut-off at 5.30pm

4.    Departs 7.30am, 22 km, cut-off at 5.30pm

(End of 100km race)

5.    Departs 5.30am, 89 km with non-stop overnight stage

 Dark zone 4pm to 5am at check point 4 cut off at 7pm on
second day of stage

6.    Departs 8am, 32 km, cut-off at 5pm


(End of 222km race)


This race is one of the toughest once in the world voted by CNN:http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/escape/worlds-toughest-endurance-challenges-152211





The success throughout the week will depend on managing strength, food and water. High calorie food and snacks are recommended, so I’ve already ordered my lightweight jungle food online to taste before I order more. Soon I’ll be needing to hit the shops and I think shopping for hammocks, compasses and trail running shoes will make quite a difference from the handbags and heels that I’m usually looking for on Regent Street! I’ll let you know more about my shopping escapades later on…



during the day: high protein snacks, power gel and electrolyte



 dinner: ultra light and high in calorie, just add hot water




Please find all details about the UVU Jungle Marathon 2012 on the official website http://www.junglemarathon.com





  1. Daryl Suen
    September 1, 2012 / 5:03 pm

    My third blog attempt! Google Blogger is frustrating me! I'll keep it short. Your hammock is slung too loose. Must be slung tight! I live in Hennessy Hammocks for several months per year. During race hammock posts will be too close. Use a post and a tree or two trees. Hard to find but they can be found. Use super light down sleeping bag with lower legs portion cut off or you won't sleep well. Train with backpack at same weight it will be in race. Run steep TRAILS; not paved flat roads unless running very fast and doing interval sprints. Jump/climb over lots of obstacles while training or your hams will cramp bad during race. Do upper body strengthening or your back muscles may give you problems from backpack. Don't worry about jaguars (more likely to see pumas)either very very unlikely to attack you. Worry about snakes if you are in the lead. Don't wear long pants and sleeves (traps humidity so sweat can't evaporate). Wear running shorts or spandex and tank top that FULLY covers skin where backpack straps go over and under shoulders. File off callous and skin build up on soles of feet to prevent blisters. A good energy drink is Perpetuem for long distance events by Hammer Nutrition. Get different flavors if possible because flavor fatigue can happen (nausea do to using the same flavor under trying conditions). Practice taking in energy drink and food while running so stomach gets used to that. If you can't keep anything down you'll hit the wall fast. If this Google Blogger fails me for the third time I'll be pissed. Good Luck and enjoy the race.

  2. Sabine Noebel
    September 1, 2012 / 11:11 pm

    Hi Daryl, thanks for sharing your experience here. Sounds like you have done the race already. I just bought long compression tights and planed to wear a long sleeve shirt. I will try that in Greece when I am running along the beach and up the hill next week. If that won’t work for me I can change my mind. I thought long is good in terms of sun protection, scratches and going through swamps.

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