Urban Ninja London – OCR

Team pic: Jasper, Lisa, Flo, Ockert and Julia (ltr)

I’m an absolute obstacle course lover!

Pic: Introduction to the different race challenges. 2 different levels.

It has been a while since I signed up for a obstacle course race (OCR).

This was so different to what I have experienced before. I was very excited to do it.

I’m sure you heard about or have seen the TV show Ninja Warrior before. These crazy obstacles the contestant has to manage in a restricted time limit.

Urban Ninja had most of the tough obstacles. The great thing they did, was offering 2 different parkour. One was a really badass challenge and the other one the regular one.

Before the race we had the chance to try and practice each obstacle. This gave us the opportunity to practice on an obstacle to maximise the chance to complete the course, but it also minimises the risk of accidents or injuries occurring.

Obstacle pic: Jump on the trampoline and spread your legs against the wall. Walk your way trough to complete. This was one of the bad ass one, I didn’t try it at all. The width of the walls was as wide as me nearly doing a split. So no thanks.

Obstacle pic: finish of the badass race

Walking around to get to try the obstacles was great but I was terrified to even try few of them. That curved ramp behind me was the finish of the badass race. I tried a few times and only ended up touching the logo in the middle.

Looking good on this one? Yes, I agree, but only for the pic. The wales were nearly as far away as tall I am. I managed to hold myself but moving across was not possible.

I tried few obstacles I never done before but saved my strength for the timed race. If you fall off an obstacle or won’t manage the course within the timeframe, I won’t receive a medal.

Time cut off 3:30min (ladies), 3:00min (men) and Go!

Pic by Air Conditioned: Ready to climb up and…

Pic: 1st Obstacle was The Big Jump

This is how it started, my biggest challenge! Jumping down on the inflatable cushion. So glad I was able to try it as I really fear jumping down. My friend Jasper counted 1,2,3 and I jumped. Otherwise I would have stayed there for another 5 min.

Pic by Air Conditioned: Monkey Bars that’s my favourite.

Pic by Air Conditioned: Run up, grab the rope and climb over.

This is where I got stuck on the scaffolding screw and ripped my leggings. At that time I didn’t feel that I injured myself and kept on running to the next obstacle.

Pic: Jump across the boards without touching the ground. Another jump onto the trampoline and on top of the blue mat. Not easy I tell you! I was glad I practiced this one.

Pic: balancing board

It moved! This was just before you reach the final obstacle wall.

Just when I managed the balancing board and looked up to the last obstacle, the lady with the stop watch screamed 10 seconds left. YOU can do it!

So I jumped down and ran up the black Urban Ninja Finish Board. Few steps away from the top I had to go onto all 4 and used the grip of my hands (in glows) to manage it to the top. Hands in the air! I did it!

Pic: Injured myself during the race, but I finished and got my medal!

Pic: Proud finisher

On the second 3:30min.

It was challenging, lots of upper body strength required which I did’t train as much. During the race I was catching my breath in between to concentrate and minimise the injury risk. I could have done it quicker and I will!

See you next year, Ninjas!

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