Training with weights for Jungle Marathon

Some of you might already ask themselves why I run with a fully packed rucksack all the time. When I ran to work I obviously need to carry my office cloth to get changed. But I always have extra weight in my running rucksack as well.

The Jungle Marathon is a self-sufficient race where everyone has to carry their belonging including hammock, sleeping back and food for 7 days. Nowadays we are not used to carry any heavy bags for a loong time. For ladies a small handbag will do day in and day out. The back and shoulder muscles are not used to it and might hurt afterwards. When I went for a run with my backpack for the first time, my neck and shoulders were tight and I got a headache due to the tension of the muscle group. Therefore it is recommended to train with weights and increase it each week until you have reached the approximately “race weight”. I started training with weights a couple of week ago and I hope I can handle the ca. 10kg better during the race.


Womens Running Rucksack 20 litre

This very small and light weight Salomon Womens Rucksack is perfect for running to work but not big enough for the race in October. I haven’t found the right rucksack yet so I had to train with this one.

What can you actually fit in the bag that is heavy enough but not too bulky?

Mmmmh, difficult… and what did I choose:

I started with 2x 900gr weights, the hydration pack and added in a 750ml PRADA Perfume.


You didn´t expect that?

Especcially my colleagues will start laughing now. But that was my heaviest option!

Including the wather I ended up with 6kg.

I am used to this weight now and started training with more…


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  1. Anonymous
    September 4, 2012 / 9:16 am

    Well done on the blog, I love it! You rock!!Steph xx

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