Training in the gym

The last week before I face my big challenge is nearly over.
Over the last few days I went to the gym and attended the classes TRX and Park Fitness which was focused on total body workout and running in the park. I hardly could walk for a few days from the intense leg exercises.

I like to have a versatile and ineresting trainings week. Honestly, just running would be too boring for me.
Have a look how I spice up my trainings weeks during the Jungle Marathon training…


TRX: Total body workout is possible with the straps.

Climbing: 2x week is a total body workout and so much fun.

Pole dance: 1x a week is a total body workout. Focus is on strengthening not dancing.

I felt a huge improvement of my back muscles.

Soft foam roller: I rolled regularly after training to stretch and massage the muscle.

This is so good for you! Sometimes when I had pain around my knee I was rolling my legs.

 It helped very quickly and I realized that it was the muscle and not really the knee.

Please try this! It might hurt in the beginning but only because your muscles are tense.

After a few times it is much better und you will enjoy it.

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