Tough Mudder – Mudder Woman Event

I had a great day hanging out at Tough Mudder HQ in London. We are a mixed bunch of bloggers from fitness, travel to lifestyle bloggers that all will take on the mudder woman challenge. And the best fun is we’ll share our training fun and tears with you using #mudderwoman.

To get to know each other, we met up on a Saturday morning and Tough Mudder HQ office turned into a yoga class.

Have you heard about Tough Mudder obstacle course races? Compared to other races that involve running, this race is not about time. You manage your chosen distance with a team.  The key is teamwork and helping each other though the race. Running is part of it but due to the many and different obstacle I feel that it’s much more enjoyable than a 5km race.

The obstacles split the running part into smaller distances and at the end you don’t realise that you ran a 5k or 5 miles. If you like fitness and not so keen on running, this might be something to try.

The picture above shows “up dog”, a typical Yoga pose. Why Yoga? That was my first thought. I was surprised as I expected a high intensity class. A fitness class that is challenging and build the muscles I need for the obstacles.

I guess I was mentally already in training mood. But stretching is key and a big part of any training. I know, I know! I’m not stretching enough. Flexibility is imortant because you like to get your leg up that obstacle.

And here we go with a challenge! Yoga can be very challenging. Can you do a headstand?

Few month ago I was able to do a headstand but here I failed. I know why! My upper body was not strong enough but also my core was not giving me the stability I needed. Fact, I need to get back into serious training.

This week I will check out my fitness level and thoughtfully reflect about the training I need. On Tough Mudder website you can download training plans for all distances, that will help.

Our blogger community is a mix of being new to an obstacle race , done it once or more. All abilities welcome, but you should commit to a regular training.

I’ve done a few obstacle courses before but not Touch Mudder. I’m very excited to be part.
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  1. Cake Vs Scales
    March 13, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    I love that your taking part in Tough Mudder as a girl gang (so to speak!) I completed the full TM last year and absolutely loved it!

    • Sabine Noebel
      March 14, 2018 / 4:10 pm

      Just read your blog! Love those pics! Can't wait to get muddy ;-)

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