The North Face – Overnight Hikeing Experience

Loving outdoor activities? Yes, me too. This event was a perfect match for all outdoor lovers, runners and everyone who never tried camping before.

Luckily I got a last minute place as it was sold out for weeks.  I packed my warm Ski Jacket ,extra layers and all essential I needed for an overnight stay in the woods. 

I was struggling what to take as I’m a newbie to camping (ignore my Jungle experience as that was different). So I had packed top and bottom to sleep in, toothbrush, extra socks and my running outfit which I was planning to hike in.

 Pic: All organised by The North Face we all met up at Regent Street Store, London and got kit up. 

Pic: Ready for the hike selfie

Pic: Quick talk: Jon and Ed (left to right) were leading the way to the base camp.

 Pic: Few giggle and off we hike!

Pic: Kit included sleeping bag, inflatable mat, head torch, camping pillow and all fit into The North Face Rucksack. 

Pic: About 25 of us were hiking into the woods in Buckinghamshire.

Pic: “Hey Jen, it’s getting dark!”

Pic: Crossing beautiful landscape.

Pic: Passing small village with tempting restaurants.

Pic: Hiking in the dark till we reached our camp.

Pic: At the camp fire Andy Houseman talked about his explorations and recent trips.

 Pic: Just about after midnight we all went to sleep. I decided to hang my shoes to avoid having small insects in it the next morning.

Pic: Good Night selfie.

Pic: At the camp all tents were already prepared when we arrived at night.

5:30am the next morning a loud cow bell sound woke us all. It was Jen running through the camp before we got served a lovely hot breakfast.

With the coach back to London we all returned to the store 8:00am. Testing the kit was fun and now I know how important a good quality sleeping bag is compared to the one I got at home. 

9:00am I was sitting at my desk and chatting about my new camping experience from the previous night. How much fun we had hiking, listening to stories at the fire and how different hiking 2,5h was compared to running. 

Thanks to The North Face team and #NeverStopLondon for an awesome experience. 

Very excited to follow what will be coming up next.

Stay tuned!

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