The North Face – Never Stop London – Trail Running Exploration Day

Living in London is so much fun. Recently The North Face opened a new store on Regent Street close to Oxford Circus. On the same time they launched outdoor training sessions for free. These sessions aim to improve your fitness no matter if you are a runner or not.  

There will be always running involved down to Green Park. You can see it as a warm up, followed by outdoor exercises with Jon form COMMANDO ACTIVE

Training in Green Park 6:30-7:30 pm every Tuesday in November and December’15.

Sporty, likeminded people come and get together! It can be dark and you will get your hands dirty but exercising outside will make you happy. I take my head torch next time just in case.

Besides these Tuesday training sessions they organised a Trail Run in Wendover.
Here is my report:

This was the first ‪#‎neverstoplondon‬ exploration with Trailscape – We had so much fun running trough the forest, mud and were challenged by the hills of Wendover.

Briefing in Wendover.


Date:        28.11.15

Distance: 10k
Location:  Wendover

Meet up at the London 290 Regent Street store and just over one hour drive with the mini van we arrived in the lovely country side. Wendover is well known for its hilly trail running routs and attracts lots of serious runner. 

The North Face paired up with the guys from Trail Escape, who organised a series of Trail Running events in the UK. This 10k we were running was the last race on their running event calendar. We were lucky to have them leading us trough the woods but with a tough start up the hill.

A few obstacles on the way…

Beautiful view! I enjoyed down hill the most obviously!

Quick stop to catch breath and gather together again.

We had a few Ultra Runner, Marathon Runner, Beginner and Newbies in Trail running in the group. The level of experience was not important as it was a fun day out and not a race. 

My story for example was basically, I pushed myself from no running to 10k trail run in one week. That’s what you shouldn’t do. No, normally you train for a 10k run a few week or if you are already a regular runner you just jump up the game.

After my summer holiday I did more Yoga than running. Therefore it happened to be at least a few weeks without running. In that week I ran about 3k in the NeverStopLondon outdoor Tuesday session, 6k run to work on Thursday and pushed to the 10k on the Saturday Trail run. 

Yes, that was a challenge and I felt my legs on the first hill. It was tough and I admit I was more at the end of the group, but I managed 10k and was super happy.

Once you reached certain milage and did few races don’t underestimate your mind. I knew I can do it mentally, but I knew also I need to allow a bit of training beforehand so my body can adapt. Training means less pain and less suffering afterwards. Training and nutrition are always the key!

Up that hill to a lovely view…

Freezing cold but dry all the way from start to finish.

Down hill I was flying! I felt amazing just after I had my gel around 6k mark.

What a brilliant day out. Thanks everyone who took part and especially to North Face who organised the trip from A to Z plus a little goody bag! Amazing!

Watch out for the next events coming up…

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