The Gladiator Games London Herftordshire

Date:            13.9.14

Location:       WOODHALL PARK, HERTS, SG14 3NE

Challenge:    10k

The Course:  An interactive obstacle course race

with gladiators

The Team: Anders, Andre, Lewis, Maria, Alyn and Sabine

What a beautiful day. It was sunny, warm but not too hot and no rain! Perfect for a day trip with my sporty team. The picture looks not like sunny at all as I still had the foam from the last obstacle allover my body and camera.

This very new race concept had several zones manned by Gladiators, lot of trail running and also the following  fun obstacles:

There was a lot of water crossing and running in the river which was refreshing and great fun. The right picture was the long run in the river. It looks like Maria pushed me in but actually I was running over to the guys for a pic, got stuck and fell.

I ran with a bag around my waist for the camera, but actually I had it in my hand the whole time. It didn’t bother me at all. Maybe one reason was that there were no obstacles to climb up or really difficult ones to over come. Generally speaking there were no upper body challenging obstacles.

At a few parts of the river I was just to small to walk it, I had to swim which I enjoyed a lot. I love swimming especially in the nature.

The scenery was beautyful. Generally speaking the race was more a 10k trail running challenge. It involved a lot of running though a field with very high grass, through the forest, crossing and running though the river. It was fun and I thing especially in a group it was just a really cool day. It was more the FUN factor than a challenging race to be the reason to enter again.

The Gladiators were jumping out from the woods trying to bump me over. Some Zombies I had to escape from… All really cool and great fun however it could have been a bit more challenging. But as this was the first time they did the race in the UK there will be lots of improvements next year.

I really enjoyed it and had a good time with my team.

The giant slippery slide down the hill we all did 2x!

The  VIDEO !!! music by Second City I wanna feel

Enjoy your personal challenges and stay active!

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