The day before the race: Oxford Half



I woke up before 08:00am. The weather outside was dry, cloudy but a bit of sun coming though. Perfect! Happy to start the day before the BIG day!

To complete my training plan I only had to do a 20 min jog. I packed my bag and was off to the gym!

Just before I left the house I had a fresh juice made of apples, carrots, ginger, beetroot and orange. Not really hungry I decided to finish the leftover pasta from last night. Breakfast done!


HIGH MIDFOOT: Before the run I changed my lacing to this one

During my running training in the last couple of weeks, I experienced numbness and a bit of tickling in my toes while running. I always tried to do a proper lacing but struggled to find the right tightness. It is annoying when all of a sudden, after one hour running, your feed begin to tickle. What happened was that the feet begun to swell due to heat and blood circulation. This is the sign that the lacing was to tight or it wasn’t the right way.

I got a high mid foot and when I saw the article of different lacing option for Mid foot, Wide foot or narrow heel, I decided to change it this morning.

Normally you would never change anything for a race if you are not used to it during training. In this case I thought it will solve an issue. An annoying thing that could happen during the race tomorrow, would be stopping to adjust the lacing.

It felt great. 20 min jog done and I went to the stretching area.


 Time to relax: Stretching using the soft foam roller



Vitamins, Proteins and Carbs to finish off. Now I’m ready to leave. Oxford calling!


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