Swimwear inspiration by Zoggs


Summer feeling when I think about this lovely swimwear fashion show by ZOGGS.

With no success of running any of the Major Marathons in 2018, I thought it’s time to look into other fitness opportunities.

I will always run but shorter distances.

My body needs more strengthening and I’m currently deciding which gym to join. When I was training for longer races, swimming was always my active recovery.  I’m a good swimmer and I like it. I should look into more swimming? It’s a full body workout.

So before I start jumping into the pool I need a new swimsuit.

The new Autumn/Winter collection from ZOGGS looks stunning and I already had a sneak peak for next year!


ZOGGS is an Australian brand that brings swimming closer to anyone in the family. Not just great fashionable looks, also great support depending on passionate you are about swimming. And their kids range is awesome especially when they learn how to swim. If you are a pro, ZOGGS is also well known for their triathlon googles.



The fashion show was about the new collection and I really enjoyed the dancing presentation.  But I also find it very interesting to learn about their “Ecolast” fabric. Made from recovered and recycled material from the ocean. That sounds innovative and will launch in March 2018.


Fashionable fabrics always gets me and to be honest I need to feel comfortable, supported and confident to get into the pool.

I liked what I’ve seen and will order myself a new swimsuit. Stay tuned for more swimming posts.


Have you seen the new Superman film “Justice League” ?  I’m up for that this weekend.

I loved Badman and Superman when I was a kid and look what cool designs Warner Bros. and ZOGGS have made for kids: Superhero collection including Wonderwoman, Superman and Batman.



I will have a brows now and chose a new swimwear for me.

Which colour to choose? Which shape?


All opinions are my own. Thanks for the lovely goodie bag too. Will pass on the dive ball to my niece.



  1. Leonce Arnaud
    November 25, 2017 / 9:20 am

    Hi dear Blogger, Your blog is such a cool one. I absolutely love what is in it…. The swimwear collection is cool and I wanna get one for my next holiday!!! Love it 🙂

    • Sabine Noebel
      November 27, 2017 / 11:48 am

      Thansk Leonce for your feedback. Enjoy your next holiday.

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