Summer In London: 3 Places To Cool Down.

Pic: Wearing Zoggs Monochrome Crop Top Ecolast, Liquid Leisure Waterpark

What a great summer in London! It’s such a cool city and when the sun is out, everyone is in pubs, parks and the city becomes crazy busy and hot.  Time to find a place to chill out. I visited 3 different spots to cool down and was trying my new swimwear I got sent by Zoggs.

How to cool down during summer in London?

1) Tip: Liquid Leisure Watersport Park (near Windsor)

Living in a big city, the last few weeks were an awesome hot summer in London. Loving water, swimming and everything around it, I phoned few friends to go to a waterpark just outside of London. Liquid Leisure Park has lots of options. Wake boarding, Banaboat fun or an inflatable obstacle landscape. Guess what I went for! Yes, yes, you know I love obstacles!

At the park we booked a 2x 50min slot to discover the fun obstacles. I can recommend to book the double ticked as 50 min are not enough to discover the full length. For safety and protection you wear a wetsuit and swim west. To be honest I didn’t feel cold although the weather was a bit cloudy that day.

Ramona, Lara and me wearing wetsuits.

In the beginning we were falling a lot into the water until we got the feel how to balance across the obstacle. I mainly copied the kids as they were just the best in tackling them. This adventure is something for the family. So much fun. I really like to go again with even a bigger group of friends. I enjoyed the most practicing obstacles I’m going to face at Tough Mudder. There were even monkey bars! Awesome! I was facing one of my biggest fears! Jumping from a hight into water. I did it 3x and feel better about it. Still didn’t like it.

We chose the fun obstacles but there was also the competitive Ninja Warrior course to book. Maybe next time!

We had a blast and I will be back for sure. Only one thing I was very disappointed about. There were only limited lockers and you have to buy a padlock to use them. On the website I didn’t come across this info. If I think about the families who all left their stuff just lying on the floor after already paying quite a bit for a ticket, I really would expect this to be managed in a better way. But other than that, if you fancy an active fun day out with family or friends, this is worth taking the train down there.

Photo credit: Liquid Leisure

2) Tip: Hampstead Heath Mixed Pond (North London)

Pic: Wearing Zoggs Breeze Triback Ecolast, Hampstead Heath Mix Pond

Wow this was one of the hottest days! I live in North London and we got at Hampstead Heath a few ponds to jump in.  At midday the cheque at the mixed pond was long. We were lucky to find a spot. This place is very small. You basically feel like in a sardine can. Towel next to towel. Just too busy for my taste. However on that day we really needed to cool down and were happy to dip in the pond as it’s so close to home. Glad I did it as it was unbearable hot, however it was not relaxing with so so many people.This is something I only do once every other year and rather try something else.


3) Tip: Brighton (Day Trip)

Pic: Wearing Zoggs Latino Love, Brighton

Brighton Beach was my highlight spending my summer in London. One hour train and we were on the beach. Sound, view and a fish and ships was absolutely worth standing in a busy train for so long. This is the real deal! You can pay for a sun bed or just place your towel anywhere. Although Brighton is a tourist hot spot, it is relaxing and fun being on a real beach.

For the holiday feeling I would come back to Brighton any time.

Can’t wait for my next holiday. Tenerife is next on the list.


Sabine xx



Ps: Swimwear was sponsored by Zoggs. Text and opinion are my own.

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