Skincare with Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is using a new skincare product from Bio-Oil?


Just got it on last weeks press event. The new one is called ‘Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel‘.

All took place at Ham Yard hotel. We were lucky with the weather and had a great view over London. While having a coffee and waiting for the surprise to start, I had a look around to discover the new product from Bio-Oil. The brand is known for its scar and stretch mark oil that was first launched 30 years ago.

I was very curious to try the new gel as I’m already using a dry oil on my face. I have discovered that my skin likes oil based products.  I found it quite innovative that Bio Oil replaced water with oil. When I used Bio-Oil gel for the first time, I put too much on my hand. It’s so nourishing and rich. I guess it’s a habit. When I usually use a gel product I add a lot, as my skin absorbs it so quickly.

So I quickly added some Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel to my hand and headed over where the Zumba class was about to start.

Me in bright pink. Front row, why not?

Headphones on and we danced and moved those hips to latin and dance music. Absolute brilliant! Do you know silent disco? What an idea to do a silent Zumba class. We all heard the music via headphones and obviously can’t understand the teacher. Therefor we had an intro how she manages the class so we can follow. My first time and I loved it so so much! The teacher was so good. The different choreographies were easy and so much fun, as they were matching the lyrics and beats! LOVED it!

Healthy treats after the Zumba class.

What a great event, I thought and enjoyed the snacks. Checking the back of my hand, it felt so soft. Nice. Lucky, that I got another sample to take home. I was using it now a couple of days. What I really like is the different feel on my skin while applying. It doesn’t feel like a cream, an oil or a gel. It’s very smooth and I can feel that oil is in it. It doesn’t feel oily and I don’t have any oil on my finger. It’s so different. In fact the skin can lock in the moisture better.

It’s great I got Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel gifted for testing. I really like it and have the smallest size in my handbag. My skin feels great. I will also use it on my legs as my skin gets very dry over the winter.

How do you nourish your skin during winter?

Have you tried oil based skincare before?

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