Seriously we had Summer in London today & healthy snacks by Costa Coffee

#SeriouslySummer that’s what happened to LONDON today!


WOW, seriously SUMMER has started from today. I could’t believe it when I saw people wearing sandals in the tube while I was still wearing my coat and boots this morning. In London you can’t trust the weather but obviously today and apparently over the weekend we will have temperatures like in Spain.


So, is your BIKINI BODY ready? Yes? No?


OK, same here! Working on it! Let’s check this out.

Am I doing exercises? – Yes!

Am I eating a healthy diet? – Most of the time!

After having a cold for a couple of weeks I absolutely lost it. Training was down and food was more likely to be comfort food than healthy.
But having a Half Marathon lined up (oh, I’m so glad I’ve signed up) I have to keep it up. Training and nutrition.

Going forward I will try to post more of my diet and training as I’m also running the Berlin Marathon end of September.

So today I popped into COSTA COFFEE for a healthy snack instead of just a coffee. I work very central and their flagship store on Great Portland Street was just on my way.

Cool decoration and with these cute flamingos the summer feeling was coming up.


Only a few stores have this new look where you can chill out like on the beach. I really felt like staying in not taking away.

Fun selfie corner …


“Breakfast is readyyyy!” I chose the green smoothie with Apple and Kiwi plus a wrap instead of the Croissant!

So proud I could resist that fluffy chocolaty looking croissant! And exactly that choice makes the difference to your day to day calorie intake. A chocolate croissant has ca. 350 calories without any nutrition for you. It tastes good and yes I eat it as well (rarely) but to keep you going till lunch and eating healthy you should thing twice.

Tasty and just under 300kcal

It is hard work to keep a healthy diet but think twice and if you can add that extra money for a healthier option, do it.

I love food and drinks and I know the BBQ Season will be hard but a healthy Breakfast can be the step in the right direction.

SUMMER is here and I really enjoyed my Chicken Rainbow Wrap this morning!

How does your Breakfast look like? Sweet or savoury?


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