Tough Mudder Half: LDN North or West?

I did it again! First time I experiensed Tough Mudder was a few month ago. It was the London West event. We had so much fun tackling the obstacles and enjoying the festival feeling afterwards, that we all wanted to do…


Tough Mudder Half – West London Finisher

I love the smile on your face when you read the back of my T-Shirt. Yes we were pretty in mud! Looking at the picture above, this is the muddiest picture I’ve got! But we were crawling and wading though…

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Tough Mudder – Training for the obstacles

With just a week  to go until the big event day, I thought I share my training with you. First of all I downloaded the Tough Mudder training guide for the Tough Mudder Half event I’m attending. If you don’t…


Tough Mudder – Mudder Woman Event

I had a great day hanging out at Tough Mudder HQ in London. We are a mixed bunch of bloggers from fitness, travel to lifestyle bloggers that all will take on the mudder woman challenge. And the best fun is…

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