REVIEW: Knuckle Lights

For my 24h race Spitfire Scramble, I was given a pair of these Knuckle Lights. I have heard about them before as my team running buddy Corey were using them at last years event.

Last year I only had a head torch, but clearly the one was not bright enough so I had to hold another torch in my hand.

When I received them I was very please about the fact that they are rechargeable via USB and I could adjust them for my small hands.

I think this was one of the brightest lights I have seen during the race. Why? It’s a LED technology with 140 Lumen for each hand. The picture above shows a total of 280 Lumen in one hand. I ran 2x at night and I had no idea how long they would last. They have 3 power settings and on my first lab I had them on “High”. Amazing! I was so excited how bright they were that I got lost on the way. When I found my way back on the course again, I missed a few miles.

Pic: Corey handing over the relay button to Mollie

My 2nd night run was at 2:30am. I felt tired and the more important it was to have a good night view, not to trip over and fall. When Cory handed me over the relay button I asked how the lights were doing on a 2nd run and she was fine by using them on the 2nd power setting. And so did I. One and a half hours later, when my tired legs managed to cross the finish line, the Nuckle Lights were still working. People were cheering and loved the strong lights.

Check out the video I took that night click HERE

I would say they are also ideal for anyone walking a dog. You have the lead and the Knuckle Light in one hand and the other hand is free.

At the end of the night I was glad that I had a pair for the race and I will use them next year again.

How do you brighten up your run or walk!

Thanks that I could test the Knuckle Light however the review and opinion was all mine.

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  1. Viola joy
    May 30, 2017 / 12:30 pm

    I am a fan of Knuckle Lights Rechargeable and recommend them to anyone who runs in the dark.

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