Pic: Upper body strengthening. Outfit Decathlon.

Most of the gyms have this training straps as they are really good for body weight exercises. I’m quite familiar with it and thought it would be perfect for my outdoor training.

I love obstacle course races and currently training for one. I was testing the DOMYOS Cross Training Straps during my training sessions in Primrose Hill, London.

Pic on Decathlon web page showing straps and bag.



I used a pole in the outdoor gym to attach the strap. Looking at the picture above, the middle strap goes around the pole or a tree. Then I clip in the strap with the two handle.


Use the strap with the two handle attached and place it thought the door as shown in the instructions below.

The packaging shows you plenty of exercises and also how to attach the straps securely.

I had so much fun with my friend in the park. We were taking turns and tried mainly upper body exercises which I definitely need to do for my upcoming race. The product feels the same like the one I’m used to in the gym.

Pic: Single leg exercise push up to standing and slowly bending down again.

Here are key facts:


  • Multiple use indoors and outdoors.
  • Simple set up. If straps are too long, just adjust them.
  • Full body workout is possible.
  • No extra weights needed as you use your own body weight.
  • Minimal storage needed and only 1kg weight.
  • Product instructions given for a safe set up.
  • Exercise examples on the back of the packaging gets you
    started and explains which muscle groups you work on.
  • Great quality/price £14.99 (March 2018)


  • None

Just set yourself a goal and workout. 😉

I’m already looking forward to get out in the park again and workout with my friend. I’m very happy with the quality of the product and will keep on using it. Thanks to Decathlon for sending me this product for a review. Text and opinion are my own.

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