POWER PLATE for Runners


Last week when we had this awesome summer weather I went to Good Vibes Covent Garden Studio. This is not just a fitness studio. Their aim is to create a positive and joyful atmosphere to inspire people to exercise because it’s better for their minds as well  for their bodies.

While they have Yoga, Pilates or cycling I joined the POWER PLATE class.

I have done Power Plate before and I thought I knew what to expect. But this class focused on runners only.

To introduce POWER PLATE if you haven’t been on one before, it’s a vibration plate with different set times and intensity. You can use it for nearly all floor based exercises, lunges and stretching or massage. The high vibration plate stimulates the blood flow to the muscle and increases the intensity although you are using the same effort as without.

1st set was activation: rolling the sole of the food over a small weight, changing into moving side to side.

After 1 minute we stepped off the machine and walked around.

My feet felt lighter and more relaxed.

2nd set was about strengthening using for example lunges while moving the arms from side to side.

In the 3rd set trainer Steve Powell showed us active stretching moves like in the video below. He also showed us one leg balance exercises to strengthen the ankle. That’s very important for me as my right one is much weaker than the left.


Final and last set was how to use the POWER PLATE to massage your muscles. For example if you are using a foam roller you can have the same effect when you lie on the side but you won’t feel any pain. I was so impressed how amazing the massage was.

We all enjoyed the class and I personally learned a lot and to use the Power Plate although I’m on running training. Tomorrow I’m running to work finishing in the gym and definitely will use the Power Plate for my stretches afterwards.

I will let you know how I’m getting on with my running training and how I incorporate strengthening and stretching into my weekly timetable.

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PS: All of the above is my own opinion.

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