Pilates and SUP

Pic: Ruth Tongue

A wonderful sunny day in East London and I enjoyed floating on a SUP.

What is a SUP?

It’s the board you can see on the picture above. A SUP board is mainly used for stand up paddling.


I always love to try new things, who doesn’t?

SUP                    = Oh, I’ve done it once before in Frankfurt on the river Main. Loved it!

Pilates                 = Oh, I’ve done that plenty of time.

Pilates on a SUP = never tried! Here is my new experience!


Pic: Ruth Tongue


We all met up at Wakeup Docklands in Royal Victoria Beach. I’ve never been there and was surprised to see Wakeboarding  and also an open water swimming area.


This is London, why was I even surprised. You name it, you get it all!


Split into two groups I started with a Pilates session by Ruth Tongue . Ruth is working in the health and wellbeing industry for over ten years and besides teaching Pilates in London, she also does retreats for example in Mallorca.


Pic Ruth Tongue: Side plank


On the board we started with “cat, cow” rounding the back and arching to mobilise the spine. Lots of core work including “The 100’s” but the simple side plank was one of the hardest poses to do. Can you imagine how wobbly the board can be? We were laughing and guessing who will fall first into the water. So much fun! And none fell in!


If you come with a group of friends this is brilliant and so much fun. If you know Pilates great, but if it’s your first time, no worries as the exercises are not difficult. You might be challenged by the board as it moves but hey that is the fun bit. You are outside on the water! So cool!



Time for some refreshments treats by CPRESS Juice

Cacao protein and Spirulina protein balls. Yummy!


Pic by Elle “Keep it simpElle”


Back on the SUP we had an introductory class by Wakeup Docklands. The basic were important and so we learnt how to use the paddle. Stopping and turning directions we practised and had a little go close to the beach.

Oh, Mollie just lost her balance and a second later, SPLASH! She was in the water. Paddeling like someone was chasing her, Elle was racing over to Mollie to get a close up picture. Hahah, sorry we were all laughing…


 Pic by Ruth: Hiding behind sunglasses: Beathan, Lucy, Fleur, Mollie and Ruth in the middle.


Lost of sun in our faces you can tell how much fun we had!

Great pilates session, thanks to Ruth. Wonderfull to be on a SUP and so well organised by Wakeup Docklands.


If you fancy to try Pilates on a SUP or just paddeling around check out online or go down to Victoria beach.


I’m off on my way to Tenerife where a 20km trail race will be my next challenge.


Wishing you a sunny day,



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