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We are living in an era where sport events/races become more extreme, creative and challenging. 

In the last 5 – 8 years new concepts have been developed.  Back in the old days it all started with running and there is even a historical background to the Marathon and its origin. Nowadays whether in the UK, Germany or all over the world, running became such a popular event.  Thousands of people are participating. The London Marathon you can’t even buy a place, you have to take part in a raffle. That’s how popular it is. If that doesn’t work out you might find a charity to run for by raising money.

Trends of being sporty, healthy and the urge of new challenges entail lots of opportunities for sponsorship, fund-raising and developing new concepts to take these trends to the next level. 


When I told my friends about taking part in an obstacle course race, a few were not quite sure what it’s all about. But when I mentioned “it’s like military training” they could imagine that it must be challenging including crawling and mud. 

Well known obstacle course races are Tough Mudder (22km race), Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest (10km) and lots more where you can also choose between different distances.

I just signed up for “Back 2 the Trenches” http://www.back2thetrenches.co.uk/index.php 


Be aware that this is a real challenge! It’s not only depending on your fitness level, it’s also depending on your mental strength. When your mind tells you “I can’t do it” your body won’t follow. Therefore it is important beside general strength training to make sure your mind is   prepared for different terrain. Be ready for mud, water and challenges like walls and ropes to use in various ways. Some races have also fire obstacles! 

In 2012 I took part in the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest with my friends I went to the Jungle Marathon with. For the upcoming challenge I had the chance to get some professional advice and training at #commandoactive. 

Here you will find group or individual training for obstacle course races or if you like to take it even further and run an Ultra Marathon in the Jungle.


Pre-training for an obstacle course gives you the following advantages:

  • learn the best techniques how to approach obstacles
  • shows you different option depending what you are aiming for (fastest, safest way…)
  • the possibility to practice repeatedly on obstacles
  • overcome fear 
  • gain confidence

Here are some pictures from my Commando Active Obstacle Course Race Training: 

The Nuts Challenge:

So much fun! Can’t wait to do the next one.

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