Obstacle Course Race: The Telegraph Video shooting


Have you ever tried obstacle course races?

It is a combination of running, climbing, jumping, crawling which gives you a full body workout.

Most of the time you end up crawling in the mud, jump over trenches and probably end up in muddy water. The beauty of doing an obstacle race is being outside and get as close to the nature as you can get.

I love it in particular as the obstacles break up the running. If you are not into running that much this could be a good way to get started. Choose smaller distances like a 5km obstacle race. Prepare yourself with a regular gym strengthening sessions. Remember you need to be able to pull up your own body weight. Upper body strength is essential but you also need strong legs that take you through the course. I was participating in a few 5km and soon I did 10km races. After that I was looking for new challenges and ended up in regular running. I love running now and I’m still improving and learning.

To keep up the fitness you should set goals even if you just do it for fun to finish it.

Obstacle races are fun especially with a team together.
I also did obstacle course race training with COMMANDO Active.

All came into play when I was booked for a shooting for The Telegraph about Nikon cameras.  The online short film about the photographer Tom Miles who photographs obstacle courses using remote controlled flashguns for the ultimate actin shoot can be found below. This will give you an idea and show you very popular obstacles.

Choose the video of Tom Milles:



I had good fun with the team and a big thank you to Tom Milles Photography for the great shots.


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