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Pic: My unique Snapchat code

Yes, another blog is already overdue! What I was up to? #Snapchat just happened to me.

A couple of weeks ago I started exploring the last #socialmedia #bloggertrend and I’m really enjoying it. The whole video, pic and other tools you have to discover step by step.

In the beginning I couldn’t get it and felt lost. Now I had fun recording video snaps of my parkrun on the weekend or showing events I attended to. 

With this new app you can get to know better the person you are following. You can be part of my London life, training …

Try it! Create an account by downloading the app and get your account. 

  • Add friends: When you are in the main screen (camera is on) tap on the top middle “Snapchat” icon. Here you can create your picture and add friends. ==> to get out of the screen swipe up.
  • Watch stories: When you are in the main screen (camera is on) tap on the three dots on the bottom right. Here you find all brands and your friends stories. Scroll down to see all stories of your friends. ==> if one snap is boring… tap on the screen or swipe down to get out of it.
  • Create a snap/ video: When you are in the main screen (camera is on) hold the round dot in the middle and it creates a red circle while recording. Add a text “T” on the top right or swipe the screen to the right to find pic from the area to lay on top of your snap.
  • So much more to explore … 

So are you a snapchat user already? 

How are you getting on with it? 

Do you have a question? Let me know!

I’m off for a snap …. enjoy!

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