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First time I’ve decided to sign up for an online learning course. For me, studying has been a while ago and I was positively surprised how fun it can be. Fitness is my passion and I was thinking about getting my online personal trainer course qualification for a long time. There are many different online provider and a few of them do quite a lot of advertisement. So difficult to choose from. I had a look and couldn’t decide and how would I know which ones are good? I guess you only know once you are doing the course or due to recommendations.

Within this post I like to share my experience studying my Online Personal Trainer Course with OriGym and give more insights you wouldn’t find on their online platform. I choose Level 3 Online Personal Trainer Course that was available in 12 major cities in UK.

Once on their website, I enjoyed the clear structure, it’s easy to find all important facts. The first page already had it all in bullet points which I loved! Good to hear, that they have an award-nominated e-learning platform which I will describe a bit more later on. Important to me was the Internationally renowned qualification and flexible learning options.

The Course:

  • Option 1: Online learning: Including videos, online lectures, e-books to download and expert tutor support on all materials.
  • Option 2: Part Time learning: Including all online learning as per above plus 3 mandatory practical workshops.
  • Option 3: Full Time learning: Mo to Fr classroom and gym based practical learning in 12 major cities in UK.

Working full time in an office but enjoying learning by doing, I decided for option: 2 Part Time learning. In order to become a qualified Level 3 PT, I had to start with Level 2 Gym Instructor course. Here is my experience after 6 weeks.

Online learning:

  • Assignment Quizzes: I had to drag and drop the name of a bone to the correct place on the Skeleton picture. This was fun. Another example was a question to be answered by choosing the correct picture. (interactive e-learning) Result was shown straight away and can be reattempted after 15 min.
  • Assignment Questions: Are more challenging. I had to write down the answers to be reviewed by a tutor. It can take up to 1 to 2 weeks for the feedback. The comments were very helpful and motivating.
  • Case studies: Will require to download and complete documents. Not that far in my progress yet.

All 7 Modules were broken down in smaller sections. Once completed a green tick appears.

My current progress shown in the overview menu.

The Workshops:

  • Workshop 1: The tutor went through the exercises that will be tested during practical assessment. It was important to learn the teaching points and purpose for using the exercises in a workout. The tutor always showed how to effectively and safely deliver the exercises. And then it was my turn.
  • Workshop 2: This one focused on the cardiovascular element of exercise and I learnt how to plan and deliver both: Aerobic curve performance – (continuous aerobic activity), Interval training – (Anerobic activity). It was a real workout as we had to pair up and practice on 3-4 machines.
  • Workshop 3: Last but not least I leant resistance training. The tutor demonstrated practical examples. We paired up and practised. Furthermore the tutor went through practical assessment criteria and I felt more and more prepared for my upcoming practical assessment. 
Ready to step into the workshop at OriGym London.

I signed up to the first workshop quite early on. I only had read though half of Modul 1 and didn’t think about what to expect at the workshop. Realised I was underprepared. No idea of all the muscle names and that felt awkward. While practising in teams role play on the machines, I felt more confident explaining due to my training experience. My good general knowledge from going to the gym and coaching friends came in handy and I really enjoyed the workshop. I learnt a lot and it was interesting to experience the instructor side for the first time. So pleased I choose Part Time learning. It prepares the students for the assessment day.

In the class room during the workshop.
Gym environment where workshops and assessments are taken place in North London.

I have seen or most of them done before, but was I able to name the correct term? No! That’s what I’m learning right now but also anatomy and much more.

Familiar with all equipment but now I’m on the “other side”.

My feedback:

Before I signed up I had a good look around the website and downloaded the prospectus to get the full picture of the course and service provided. My first impression was a professional online present with a clear structure and transparent communication. All of my questions were answered with a few clicks around the web pages.

During the study I enjoyed the interactive learning and the tutor feedback was very helpful for me to succeed answering the questions. I chose Part Time study option were 3 workshops were mandatory and at the same time the best practise to get myself prepared for the assessment. If you have the opportunity to get down to a OriGym workshop location, book the Part Time study as you learn so much more while doing it.

After the qualification OriGym provides career support. Every employee is a certified fitness professional and can give advice on how to stand out with your CV and help with interview preparation.

My tip:

  • You can do all online however I prefer a print out sometimes as I lern better while highlighting.
  • Once read trough a section get straight into the QUIZ as your memory is fresh and you know what you just lernt.
  • Idealy get straight into the written questions. Here you will personally find out if you really understood the passages you read or not. Sometimes just go though the more complicated reading 2x before entering the questions.
  • Once you received feedback from the tutor, try to go over your answers and correct it before moving on to the next module.
  • Study module by module as there is a logic behind it.
  • Plan your workshops in advance to get a spot. I was lucky and had no waiting time.
  • Think about a realistic time when to have your assessment day and book it in. When you have a deadline you will keep on learning more regularly.

I’m excited to lern more about the human body, muscles and can soon understand and assist others better. My experience with the Online Personal Trainer Course with OriGym was very enjoyable and I can recommend it to you. Any questions please ask and drop a line below.

Enjoy your training and never stop learning.

Sabine xx

This post was in cooperation with OriGym. I received a discount on the course. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nicolas
    February 11, 2021 / 2:05 pm

    Great post
    I’m about to start . Just a quick question, did you pay through phone ? Or by applying online ?


    • noebelsabine
      June 12, 2021 / 9:35 am

      Hi Nicolas, I hope you will enjoy the course. I did a bank transfer, online.

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