Lululemon Launch Event: Run Your Mind

LOCATION: Pop Brixton: meet up

DATE:          06/04/16

TIME:           7pm – 9pm

I told my colleagues that I’m going to this running event by Lululemon. But they did not now who that was. 


Do you know them? 

It’s a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company, designer and retailer with their HQ in Vancouver.

Oh I lover their designs although it’s a bit more expensive than other sport brands.

So back to this amazing event I recently was able to attend.

It was mainly focused on runners and one of the main messages was the importance of warm-up and cool down during your running training.

YES! We all know that. BUT…

Think about it: Do you spent a reasonable time on warming up your gluts, hamstrings and core? Or do you just go for a run?

Most among us are not warming up probably. Without realising it at the time you are running, it might affect you on the long term.

This special event had a main focus on building awareness on warm up and strengthening to prevent injuries.

I know my right ankle is weaker than the left one and I often feel a little niggle while running. Planning on running a Half Marathon end of May, I seriously need to look into strengthening.  

We met up at Pop Brixton, a very cool pop up restaurant, bar and event area.

The whole event was split into different parts like so:


Warm up and strengthening is one of the most important parts for runners, we were told by Chevy Rough (Chasing lights Collective and RUN DEM CREW running coach) who was leading the exercises and running session.

– One leg exercises: Lunges backwards, Lunges and lifting the leg back up as a balancing practice


– Different core exercises
– Plank, combination: plank and exercises to warm up the core

Live DJ during the exercises, how cool is that?


Run ca. 5km from Pop-Brixton to Perpetua, Chelsea

The run took us from “Pop Brixton” via Stockwell trough Battersea Park into a studio located under a bridge.

Chevy showed us quiet back roads where we also did some fast sessions in between.  So all in all it wasn’t just a run for fun, it was a training session as well.

Part 3

Yoga for runners by a Lululemon brand ambassador.

When we arrived in the studio all runners were welcomed with a delicious protein shake before we did cool down Yoga stretches. This wasn’t a usual Yoga session. I found myself in “down the facing dog” a few times and in between we practiced certain moves specifically targeted for example to go deeper into an it-band stretch.

We exercised, ran, stretched and received a healthy dinner snack to complete the night.

While everyone was enjoying their food from Karma Cans the last part with a Q&A session started.

Delicious dinner snacks prepared by Karma Cans.


Additional talks and Q&A with a Physio and Ultra Runner.

In the room were Marathon runners, Ultra Runners and some who were new to running. Different questions were asked about nutrition, training and injury.

My question was quite specific about an on and off numbness in my left toes. This niggle I experienced starting during my last 6 wks of Marathon training in 2015.

I was advised to look into all aspects starting from shoes, lacing and going to a physio. Of cause I looked into it already, but with a new Marathon lined up this year, I will definitely go to a physio soon.

Wow, this event went so quickly. Packed full with exercise, nutrition and lots of learnings. Overall it ticked all the boxes.

I came how quite late but felt amazing and happy to be able to attend this launch event.

Thanks to Lululemon for a very well organised event.

Watch out as there are more to come…  

“All of the above are my own views and not a sponsored review.”

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