London – My 10 years anniversary

Me vs. Me 10 years apart #tenyearchallenge

It’s my 10 year anniversary in London! I can’t believe it.

Have you notice #tenyearchallenge campaign on social media? I though that’s fun and I can add a bit more then just a picture me vs. me 10 years ago.

This is me!

This post is a personal post. Looking back 10 years is quite a lot to process. While not everyone might remember were they were 10 years ago, for me it’s the year when I moved to London. One of my biggest challenges I faced in life and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Moving from one country to another sounds scary but at the time I felt mentally strong and my gut feelings reassured me that this is it! I just did it. My first ever blog post was about my challenge moving to London – here is the link to read.

Stephanie, my best friend I moved together with.

In 2009 I quit my job and I arrive during the financial crisis in London. My friends in Germany thought I’m crazy and it’s a risk, but I did it anyway. It was my aim to stay for a year and experience living and working in another country. Now it’s 2019 and I’m still here. My friends from across the pond tell me more and more often to come back to Germany. With daily showers of BREXIT news raining down on me, I fell quite sad and disappointed about the whole political situation, but I still love London life.

Beginning of the year I felt some emotions coming up, that can always happen around my birthday. But this year I also recognised my awareness of how quickly 10 years passed and that I have to ask myself a few personal questions.

  • Where do I want to be in 5-10 years time?
  • How does my family, love life look like? How do I want it to be?
  • What is on my bucket list?
  • What makes me happy?

Many more questions popping into my mind and I’m sure you get what I”m talking about. This year is a year of change, a year of reflecting and being honest to myself. Change is exciting and can be scary but at the end it’s for the good. There is one thing I know for sure:


I’m glad I have my passion for fitness and I love motivating people and inspire to be more active. This passion is important as it will accompany me though times when I struggle answering challenging questions in life. If you have a passion feed the fire. In times when you are sad this is what gets you back up. I was a bit quiet here and had my personal time off, but now is the time to relight that fire!

Excitement in my veins as I got fitness fun events coming up. Even more to come later in the year with a little surprise to share soon.

Follow your passion and if you are stuck and feel you don’t have one, go one step back and ask yourself that one and only key question in life:

What makes me happy?

Monkey bars.

My personal quote:

Life is like to conquer monkey bars. You manage to move forward a bit then you fall. You don’t feel strong enough. You get back up and try it again. You might fall again but you know when you struggle. Sometimes it hurts. You lern and get stronger. You know your goal and where you want to get to. One day you just do it! Now you ask yourself what’s next?



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