Last run 2012: Happy X-Mas

Amazing! What a wonderful and
exciting year is just behind me.

The highlight was definitely
my jungle experience.

Starting the year with the
usual resolutions and finishing it with bigger achievements than I have
ever dreamt of.

From “0 – 100”  =  going
to the gym 1-2 x a week and finishing an Ultra Marathon…

How life can change in just a
few weeks or just one decission.

Trust yourself, set your challenges and be aware of that “ if you
have a goal there is always a way to reach it”.

It is YOU who
defines the how, when and where.

Life is too
short! “Carpe diem”.

Have a lovely
Christmas time and Happy New Year.

What will
2013 bring and how creative can I express myself to make the most out of it?

New challenges to come…

                                                       Last run this 2012… Happy X-Mas

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