Jungle Marathon diary: 2nd Stage

Oh, I was so nervous that morning but I was very happy that I managed the hills so well.

I basically started more in the back as I knew the strong runners would overtake my anyway.

Most of the time I was by myself walking dynamically as the ground was very uneven and tricky to walk on. I just didn’t want to risk it. Therefore I took my time at some point a bit too long as I was really enjoying walking through the Jungle. I saw beautiful blue butterflies took pictures and a video. It reminded me of the Damien Hirst exhibition in London I visited earlier this year. He made pictures out of the dead butterflies and also had a live butterfly exhibition. Extreme! But now I’m experiencing the Jungle Marathon!

Anyway, I felt a bit emotional that day because I had plenty of time on my own and I felt great and happy to experience the pure Jungle.

The whole day was flat. Out of the Jungle I ran to make up some time. In between the checkpoint I saw some competitors. Unfortunately someone dropped out due to health problems that day.

Selfie time!

Overall I was very pleased with me that evening not having any injuries or no blisters. Many competitors had already their feet tapped and bad looking blisters.

The second day ended and I had already over 40km behind me and I felt strong enough for everything still to come.

From check point to check point and from stage to stage, that is how you manage yourself mentally though the Jungle Marathon.

Beautiful bamboo

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