How to make a face mask?

Have fun with your fabric and designs.

YOU searched for a face mask tutorial or want to know how to make your own face mask pattern? I did exactly the same and after watching plenty of videos I created my template and love to share in a quick step by step guide my best version with you.

When I followed a video I had to stop and replay all the time and at the end the finished mask was too small. I changed the pattern and here we go. This is for an adult men or women.

Items you need:

  • 100% cotton or cotton/linen mix fabric
  • scissors
  • measure tape
  • blank paper and pen
  • pins
  • elastic band
  • needle and thread
  • sewing machine or you can do it by hand
  • iron

I’m coming straight to the point:

Making the pattern: get a plain paper, pen, scissors and measuring tape.

Face mask patter for an adult.
  • measure a box: 16cm x 17cm to start with
  1. On your 16cm line, mark 2cm up.
  2. On 17cm horizontal long / bottom side, measure 14cm starting from the right.
  3. Connect the 2cm point with the 14cm long side as shown in pic above (descending from right to left).
  4. The vertical 16cm line should be marked at 10cm.
  5. At that point you measure 7cm to the left (check pic above).
  6. Look further up at the 17cm line you drew earlier. Now you measure 10.5cm from the right.
  7. Next, you connect that point with the 7cm point you done in step 5.
  8. To double check , this angle line is 6cm long.
  9. final step is the half round connection to do from the 10.5cm point (step 6) to 14cm (step 2).
  10. Check if your drawing looks like mine! YOU got this!

Ready to cut out:

  1. Place your fabric on a table and fold to have 2 layers on top of each other.
  2. Place your pattern on top, close to the edge.
  3. Using a fabric pencil or any other pencil to mark around your pattern.
  4. Repeat those steps either on the same fabric or a different colour for the inside part.
  5. You end up with 2x drawings. WAIT before cutting!
  6. Next, take your pins and add a couple to secure the 2 fabric layers with each other.
  7. Now you can cut both out.
It’s fun to have 2 colour.

Ready to sew:

The following steps are for a mask including a filter pocket.

  • The inside fabric need a cut of 3cm shorter than the outer part.
  • Sew each pinned fabric along the curve side.
  • Turn the outside fabric (Red) inside out. Looks good already!
  • Slide the outside (red) one inside the (dotted) other one.
Secure the 2 fabrics on top of each other.
Pin the sewing lines exactly on top of each other.
  • Very important: Place them exactly on top of each other. Start with checking to have a X of all seams in the middle. Place your pins across each side to secure, follow along and place both fabrics on top of each other.
Tidy the inner fabric.
  • For a filter pocket option, fold in the seem of the short sides and pin them. 2x each side.
  • Ready to sew: 1. the folded sides, 2. sew along the top bit (nose part) up to the folded inner part. (stop just before red fabric starts).
  • Attention to the long straight bottom line. Pin it together by carefully lay on top of each other.
  • Sew along that long side from the folded fabric (dotted) from one end to the other end. JUST a straight line. Perfect you did it! Both fabrics are now connected.
Leave a bit of space when sewing.
  • Grab through both fabrics to turn them around to the correct side we’d like to have at the end.
  • It feels bit stiff but fiddle around and find the shape of your mask.

Grab a hot iron!

For the next part we need to iron along side the sewing and press both fabrics on top of each other. This is fun because as a result you feel so much closer to the finished product.

I’m not going to lie, there are a few more steps to follow. Hang in there! YOU are so close to finish

  • Tidy up: There are few loose ends like the small parts on the long side which are not yet folded in. It might be tight but try to fold them in to secure the cut side . Sew it.
  • Now you can actually fold the sides with a bit more space to be able to slide though the elastic band later.

How does it look? Yes, we are done sewing!

Final touches: adding the elastic band.

Final touches:

Last stepp will be to add the elastic band.

Suggested measurements: 20cm for women and 22cm for men.

Take a bobby-pin into the side and put though the elastic band as shown in the picture above. Carefully pull through the pin. Finally you can how take a needle and stick together both ends of the elastic band.

Now you finished your first face mask. Well done!

Fun style for men, just add an iron on patch of your choice.

I hope this post was what you were looking for. Please comment below if you have any questions or struggle. Feed back is always welcome.



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