Happy Birthday & Happy New Year

Unusual but here it is…

Happy Birthday post to me.

It’s my Birthday and I cry if I want to…

Today is a special day but not only because it’s my Birthday, I would like to acknowledge how I feel and where I am in life.

Experience I gained over the last many, many years! I would like to be proud of them as this is, what made me realise and being present in this moment. I’m writing a post about my emotions today.

Why can a Birthday be so emotional that some people choose not to be available, not to answer their phone? Not me! (Smile) I always tell everyone, like to bake a cake for the office and get together with my friends.

But there was one Birthday when I was a teenager and I remember it so well. I was on the phone with a friend and she congratulated me but I started to cry. Couldn’t stop. I don’t know why that happened at the time. After that I always felt a bit worried on my spacial day because I don’t want to cry on my Birthday! I guess I felt a bit stressed and each year under pressure to create something to make me happy and not sad. Since then I remember this emotional experience every year.

London has changed me and it was only a few years ago when I was away on the 31st. I was skiing with friends and had absolutely no expectation. They surprised me in the morning and we had a wonderful day on the mountains. That day I felt so happy and free.

Years go by and I gained experience. I know now that emotions build up and expectations rise. It’s me that created that pressure. It was being away and getting that distance from the usual routine and my surroundings that made me see things clearly. My emotions were seeking for attention but why? The answer is simple. Life is a challenge. I love being active and challenge myself physically but the biggest challenge in life is facing my own emotions. If I don’t deal with them as and when they rise, they become an obstacle to overcome.

My tip: Live in the present moment and in tune with yourself and don’t let the emotions get bigger and bigger until you think you will fail to overcome that obstacle. Mange the now, and don’t live in the past or in the future. The present moment is what counts. That will make you happy.

I’m sitting in Thailand by myself and can’t wait to experience what today will surprise me with.

I’m smiling right now and this picture will always remind me of a happy moment in my life.

Later tonight I will be in a restaurant with friends drinking cocktails and enjoying my food. Happy Birthday and a happy New Year!

I wanted to share this with you. PLEASE feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below. Can you relate?

PS: Here is one of my most memorable challenges and achievements. It’s important to remind yourself about what you have archived. Be proud!

Link: Jungle Marathon 2012 (Ultra Race in Amazon)

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