FlipBelt – Running Belt

May I introduce you to my new FlipBelt

You haven’t heard about this new running belt?

This is the answer you were looking for when you asked: “I’m just going for a short run maybe 5k and I need my keys, mobile and some money/card with me. Which bag should I take?

When I was asked if I would like to test out the FlipBelt, I had no clue what that is. Ok, obviously a belt for running as I had the opportunity to test it during the 24h race Spitfire Scramble .

On the picture you can see me wearing the belt in size small where I was able to store my mobile while walking around campsite. On that day I thought it is very practical but I decided not to run with it the 10k race.


It was a hot day and for a trail running race with different incline and unforeseen terrain. I prefer to have a hydration pack. I never run with a water bottle in my hand, I don’t like it. I ran the race with my Ospray pack, but I knew that this belt is absolutely my new running friend for shorter distances and training in the park.

Oh I love the colour! It absolutely complements my outfit. You can wear it on top of the running shirt sitting on your waist like shown above. Or like the pic below, you wear it on the hip and stretch it a bit more.

My next challenge is an obstacle race, therefore I’m training every weekend in the outdoor gym at Primrose Hill, London. My team and I using the monkey bars as the race will have lots of upper body challenges. Monkey bars you cannot train in a regular gym.

Training outdoors: I always worry about leaving my bag unattended. Using the FlipBelt I had my mobile, keys, card and a protein bar stored around my waist. It’s practical not only for running, I will use it on my holiday as well especially when I like to have valuables in a secure place.


  • Secures all your valuables like mobile, keys, bank card and gel/bar.
  • Flat around your hip, stretchy.
  • Quality MicroPoly Wicking Fabric
  • Just wash it in the washing machine.
  • Colourful and fun with your running outfit. Currently in 9 colours available.
  • For multiple occasions useful not only for running.


  • Not ideal for longer runs due to limited carrying space.
  • Clip on for keys is great, but depending how your belt sits and maybe due to more bulky things (gel/bar) stored beside it, keyring could pop out of the pocket.

Thanks for reading. All of the above is my opinion, honest and my own one.

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