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Flowers, stripes, mixed patterns and colourful prints are dominating in the fitness fashion industry right now. There was a time when I personally didn’t like loud outfits, when too much was going on on the print. But this had changed over the last few years. Wearing only black all the time appealed boring to me. Checking out the different trends online and in store, I slowly integrated colours into my fitness look.

Today I feel great in colourful leggings but there is one thing that is very important to me.


The look of the whole outfit.



Some of you might roll their eyes and think but it should be comfortable, fitness breathable fabric and not too expensive. If you make smart choices that’s all possible.




I’ve heard this a few times and if you think about it, it’s true. When you go to an interview, you dress smart and wear your best outfit to make a good first impression. When you use make-up and look in the mirror you feel better. There are so many examples that when you make an effort in your appearance, it will boost your confidence and you feel better.

This post is about discovering bright colours and feeling good. Here is what works for me. When I don’t feel great due to the weight I put on in the last year and feeling less fit, a stylish outfit gives me confidence. Colours brighten up my mood. I go to do fitness but I’d feel uncomfortable if I would not wear quality and stylish fitness cloth. What matters is the effort I made and the way I look after myself.


Belonging to the Decathlon Fitness Blogger Community, I was curious to get my hand on some fitness and running outfits. The running T-shirts start from as little as GBP 3.99 (April’18) which is amazing for a technical shirt.  Please don’t exercise in cotton T-shirt!!! 🙂 There is no excuse not to buy a technical top and bottom that will transfer your seat from your skin to the outside of the fabric. Benefits are that you won’t feel a wet and sticky material on you. It drys quickly, also when you washed it. Perfect when you train a lot.

I really like my new fitness outfits.
What do you think about bold colours and pattern?

Off for a run now …




Pics in front of graffiti wall by Anika

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