FINISHED: Spiridon Silvesterlauf Frankfurt a.M.

DATE:              28.12.14
LOCATION:     Frankfurt a. M.




It was too late to sign up for the race online but as they alway have a registration on the race day, I went there very early to secure a spot.

The picture below was taken from my balcony a day before the race. I didn’t expect it that cold. Actually I was quite happy to have a reason to go shopping.

I ended up buying an outfit from head to toe (left pic).

It is from Adidas the climaheat product line. When I tried it on in the shop I felt warm, cosy and couldn’t resist. On top of that I bought a hat and roll neck like a buff with matching gloves all in bright orange. No more excuses for cold weather. The training can begin.

Unbelievable at -5 degrees I only ran with the jumper and the roll neck used as a hoody. No jacket needed only gloves which I removed after half of the way as I felt hot.

My view after Christmas and before the race: These old houses remind me of my childhood.

START and FINISH line was at Frankfurt Stadion (Waldsporthalle)

The route was beautiful and I really enjoyed running though the forest. It was very cold. The beautiful snow was quite challenging to run on due to ice underneath. I took it easy and my pace felt slower than usually. Especially when I was running over a short bridge and underneath a tunnel I took extra care. Most of the time people were surprised from the ice and I nearly slipped twice.


After the race I  had a banana and an nonalcoholic beer but what I was really looking forward to was the hot tea waiting for me at the finish line.


My lovely dad was waiting for me with a hot tea pot and snacks. This was the first race he could support me on as I never raced in Germany before.


SPIRIDON Silvesterlauf is well know in Frankfurt but I wasn’t a runner while living in Germany.


Just when I moved to the UK I slowly found my passion for running.

This year my new challenge will be the London Marathon. My first ever Marathon running! I enjoyed this snowy 10k and it was a pre Marathon trainings run to test my body and mind. After running regularly 5k park runs in London I decided to double the distance while on holiday. No problem at all. I loved it in the cold and like to do it again next year with a few friends.


Come and join me!



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