Finished: Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest

Survived! 10km and 21 obstacles in 1:15 h!

                                                   Part of my team: Flo, Jon and Maria

This was so different from what I have done before, ok, besides of the wet feet and running completely soaked and dirty. That was familiar from the Jungle. 🙂

The obstacles were fun.

For example there were a lot of walls to climb over and here it was really important to be with a team. I am tiny and wouldn’t be able to get over the huge walls. No way!

There were a few water basins were we had to crawl through and one had what a surprise ice cubes on the end. And I was wandering why it was so cold. But I didn’t care as there was a lot of running involved and I felt warm again. A few times we had to carry sth. on the shoulder for a few meters like a heavy sand bag or an empty beer barrel. Surprisingly that was not a problem at all as my upper back muscles were still strong and used to carry a heavy backpack.

When I am in this kind of environment and have a challenge to manage I realized that I don’t think I just do it.

I really can recommend this adventure especially when you like running but get board easily after your first 5km. Here you have the running part but have the obstacles in between so the 10km were spread out and ca. 5km was the max I was running in one go.

So what is next…?




–          Old cloth recommended

–           I used my compression thighs

–          the race T-Shirt

–          base layer long sleeve to keep me warm

–          Cycling gloves to protect my hands and for a better grip

–          Old running shoes

–          Gaiters and 5 finger socks

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