FINISHED: Back 2 the Trenches – Obstacle Course Race

                            The Team: Sophia, Jamie, Anders, Lewis, Andre and me.

Date:                         22.06.2014

Location:                  Redhill

My team wave:         11:20am


Challenge:               12km obstacles and trail running

We started from central London and within a 30 minutes train ride we arrived in Redhill. There was an organised minibus pick up for a few pounds per head. I was lucky as my colleague picked us up by car. 

At the venue we collected our start number (5013), applied sunscreen and oh, time flies and I found myself doing the worm up. Ready to go!

My video link of the day!


The weather was perfect, maybe a bit too hot, but hey we won’t complain with those few sunny days in the UK ;-). 

The obstacles were fun and to be honest not a big challenge for me. There were no upper-body related obstacles. Carrying a sand bag or a tire was absolutely fine as I was training regularly with weights in the gym. My challenge was as simple as it can be “The Hill”.

You will laugh. All obstacles were set around a big hill to be run up and down and up and down and up again. Of cause! What else to expect from a 12k race. 

Getting into the water was so refreshing. Especially needed after the mud bath. The Mud! Oh, yes there were a few mean crawling in the mud – but that was fun on the end! Especially  when I heard my colleague screaming “Oh, my hair!”, and realising “Oops, that was a bit girly.”

Here are my pros and cons:

– not enough obstacles for my taste

– running up and down the hill was getting boring as I know it’s just to make up the “k”

– a few obstacles I had to cheque for quite a while (the electric wire, water crossing)

– no tent to get changed or organised bag drop

+ lovely outdoor experience/ day out trip

+ obstacles were doable on your own, therefore racing on your own is possible

+ great fun as a team with friends or colleague

+ good course for first timers 

+ very good price for fun value

I would do it again as the fun factor with my colleagues and friends was amazing!

FINISHED: 12k obstacle coure race 2:15h


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