Exercising in Altitude. A new challenge?

We did it! Elle, Lucy & partner, Lisa & partner and me.

After the challenge, bit sweaty but with a big smile. Always
a great feeling once you’ve archived a goal. My team and I were cycling a HIIT
class, which is already intense.

Why not adding another challenge:


We arrived at The Altitude Centre and were booked into a 30
min Hypoxic HIIT cycle class on a watt bike. If you follow my blog, you know
there is not much cycling going on. Don’t get me wrong, I like cycling but as I
don’t own a bike anymore, I stick to general fitness classes.

Wow, my team looked like pros! Padded cycle shorts, click in
shoes and legs like steal. I felt not prepared. Once I had a HIIT class in a Hypoxic
chamber at my previous gym The Third Space. It was tough. I had no idea of the
impact on my body, pushed so hard and ended up feeling physically sick and dizzy.
I left the class to feel better and never returned. My motivation this time was
to try it again but not feel sick again.

All set up and they explained what numbers to focus on the
screen, I felt a bit lost. Just push and listen to your body that’s what I
thought and the class started.

The guy teaching was awesome. He commented on the breathing
each break, “Deep inhalation through the nose and out through the mouth”. That
helped me to get the heart rate down and I actually felt more recovered and able
to hit the peddles again. Yes, it was tough and got tougher. I checked out the
power my teammate pushed into the paddles and realised I was the weakest in the
team. But hey, I knew that and felt impressed.

I managed the 30 min without collapsing, I actually was
fine. We cycled with 15% oxygen compared to regular ca. 20%.

Only when I got home I realised an impact on my body. I felt
exhausted, tired and wasn’t hungry.  Food
is important, so I ate lot of protein and vegetable.

After a good night sleep I still felt different in the morning. Very thirsty and tired. Wow, what an experience.

We entered a competition and our group cycle came 6th

Happy finisher!

Fancy a PT session and get started training in Altitude? Just get in touch with my friend and  cycle team captain Elle from London.

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