Edinburgh Half Marathon – TRAINING


And here it is…

My Half Marathon training plan.


Or better described as MY TRAINING, not according to any plan.

Yes, this time it went completely out of hand. The weekly plan I printed out was mainly crossed out and overwritten by other sessions. What happened was as simple as LIFE taking over.

Everything was happening on the same time. Work load increased and was more demanding, private ups and downs and moving house kept me busy 24h.

Instead of the usual 10 weeks preparation, I did only 7 including a few days feeling ill. Ok more likely 6 weeks of training actually happened.

I seriously started training after the move when my mind was free for the running commitment.

Pic: Actual training across April and May leading up to the Race

Pic: Introducing the team Aleksandra & Mary

Most of my close friends are not into running, more into Yoga and gym. Therefore I was very excited when 2 of them were up for a new challenge. They both ran one 5km race before and exercise when they can. They followed my passion for running and fitness challenges and I felt honored to inspire them for a new adventure.

My advice:

  • Take the training plan for novice level (I printed it out form an online website)
  • Try to stick to the plan, but if you miss a session don’t make up for it.
  • Be consistent.
  • Rather stick to increasing the time instead of feeling the preasure of a km target.
  • Strenghening is as important as running (I recommended lunges backwards, one leg exercises and squats)
  • Enjoy!

Pic: Piccadilly Circus running back home.

While my friends sticked to their trainings plan and got on very well, I was challenged by work and moving flat. The safest way to get my runs done was planning 1-2 runs to work each week.

A new flat, a new area which I had to get used to felt strange in the beginning and so I was glad when my colleague Daniela led the run to work.

 Pics: Route Clapham to Piccadilly Circus with an optional extra loop in St. James Park 6-8k

Instead of following the plan from the internet I adapted it roughly to 3x a week running plus strenghening / Yoga. On the weekend I always increased the long run and during the week I ran 1-2 times to work. One of the most beneficial sessions was running on track. #TrackTuesday with #Adventrunning in Mile End Stadium was very challenging as it was a speed session in general. For my upcoming Marathon training I will get into more detail as this will be one of my key trainings session going forward.

Here are my other fitness activities to make training more interesting:

Pic: Lululemon running event “Run Your Mind”


Pic: Parkrun with colleague Cristina and blogger friend Ellen, 5k in Brockwell Park near Brixton




Pic: Power Plate for Runners

Since I have been to the Power Plate class and leaned how beneficial it is to do stretching and strenthening on it, I incorporate just 10-15 min after every run to work. I love it.

Pic by Marcel Grabowski Photography: Best’s Boot Camp High Intensity gym class


Long Run:


A very important part is to increase the time/ milage on food trough out the training weeks. That’s the way your body gets ready for the race. One of my long runs I sent with my colleague Daniela. She showed me her hilly route in Tulse Hill, Dulwich in SW London.

My longest run I spent with my friend that were joining me on the race.


Click here for a short Video trough Windsor city centre.



Pics: Windsor Castle and Park total distance 15k easy in 2h

Running a very easy pace to be able to test how 2h on our feet feel. Mary and Aleks were doing very well. Just a little struggle at the end.

Last km before we finished 15k. Little motivation was needed click here for the video

At the end of the day I was very happy to see my friends training has improved their fitness and we all felt confident 2 weeks before the race and we are…






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