DUBLIN – City Trip: Half Marathon Race & Whiskey Tasting

Dublin is a very cute city. Lots of character and lot of things to do.


In the training running up to the Berlin Marathon, I planned Dublin Half as a milestone to make sure that I will do the milage for the big race.

I ran 15km the weekend before Dublin Half and thought I push the rest on the race day.


The day before the race I picked up my race pack and met my friends.


When I sat in the plane I found out that a friend of mine will be there for the weekend as well. We all met up. For them it was a business trip tasting Whiskey as they were from St. Killian, a German Single Malt Distillery. For me a temptation having a drink before the race. I never drink Alcohol before I run a race. Visiting a Distillery when you like Whiskey was a challenge.






The tour included walking through the distillery and getting explained how the process works. From getting the fermentation process explained, trying how different each step can smelling and standing in between the barrels, the tour ended with a Whiskey tasting.


Ok I couldn’t say “No”. Last time I’ve been to a tasting was in Edinburgh earlier in the year. However I did the tasting after the Half Marathon. Oh, I enjoyed it.


Teeling Whiskey is the first new Distillery in Dublin after 125 years. Managed by the latest generation of Teelings. Jack and Stephen are carrying on the family’s legacy in Dublin for Irish whiskey.

If you are planning to travel to Dublin, this is a must see! It’s very central and and easy to get to.


Here are a few more tips to go to:

Pic: This list of bars and restaurants was a local tip from the bar man.


It was about lunch time when we finished the tasting so we went to The Bull & Castle to experience amazing steaks. I could have eaten the whole plate the lady explained to us.


Pic: Each cut was explained and I ended up sharing a chateaubriand steak.



Pic: Guess what we had after lunch?



Knowing there was another Whiskey Distillery in Dublin we had a quick look. For my friends it was a business trip and for me a great way to explore the city. We walked around had a sample at JAMESON.

This is a brand you know and seen in bars and that’s how busy it was. The next slot for a tour was in one hour. So if you want to visit JAMESON plane waiting time in. And off we go to the next recommendation on the list…


THE COPPLESTONE: A traditional Irish Pub with live music. And When you are in Dublin I was told to try the GUINNESS beer as it supposed to taste different than in the UK.

What a lovely day. The sun was shining and we had these lovely places to explore.

Now it was nearly dinner time and I needed to carb load for the race the next day.  Only water for me from 6pm and an early night. With plenty of time to recover, hydration and rest, I managed the Dublin Half Marathon with excellence!  I ran with a friend and ended up with a new PB! So Happy!

Please do not drink before a race as it dehydrates your body. This was an exception. Sometimes you have to enjoy the moment, ok, but please keep a good diet before a race as you will benefit from it.


So for the city trip to Dublin there are so many other activities to do. I didn’t manage to go the GUINNESS brewery but on the race Mollie and I passed it. Of cause we stopped for a selfie!


Enjoy your trip to Dublin and enjoy wherever you run. I’m off for a long run now…




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