Decathlon Scavenger Hunt

DECATHLON Scavenge Hunt! A 9 bloggers challenge and we all fit in a tent!

Oh, that night was fun. I was heading over from work for a scavenger hunt at the mega huge Decathlon store in Surry Quays. But what is actually a “scavenger hunt”? It’s a game were each team had to answer questions and collect objects within the Decathlon store. We were split into 3 team of 3 fitness/travel bloggers each.

I was in the Green Team with Beathon and Geraldine

Pic Decathlon

We were walking through the store to find clues and discover brands I have never heard about. I’ve been to that store before but didn’t know they had 20 of their own brands. On the same time they have Nike, Adidas and other big brands on stock. The running kit from Decathlon I own and the climbing shoes are great quality for a good price.

Pic Decathlon: This unique snorkeling mask was my favourite item I have discovered.

It’s Eileen behind the mask.

Pic Decathlon: Team Pink Mollie, Eileen and Becki needed protein powder after so much running around, but did it really help to win?

Pic Decathlon: Corey’s team had created a new way of hola-hooping by using a bicycle tire!

Pic Decathlon: selfie

Creating a fun selfie was one of the tasks to do.

My team did come 2nd! Solid result isn’t it? Team Pink won: Mollie, Eileen and Becki! Well done! Each contestant received a goody bag.

We got an actual 20l bag!

Pic: It was an actual bag! Quechua backpack

Filled with many fitness goodies! Always good to have an exercise ball by Domyos Fitball. When you go on the web page you can find free exercises videos which I can try with the new ball. No need to search the internet, it’s right there where you buy it online! Great idea.

It has a great snug fit to the back or you can wear it in the front.

Super happy with these new items but I also found a voucher in the bag! Perfect! Thank you Decathlon Uk for the amazing blogger event and great time I had. Will be back soon to buy my kit for Tenerife Half Marathon.

Being invited to an event like this was awesome! I love to support cool brands and pass on my opinion. Brands like to have fitness bloggers in to get feedback on products and for example about store layout for a better shopping experience.  This scavenger hunt was just a perfect idea.

I’m off for a run now!

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