Decathlon Family Camping Tent Review

QUECHUA ARPENAZ 4.1 FAMILY CAMPING TENT | 4 MAN (left), (right: 4.2)

Blue sky in Wales on a camping site near Weobley castle were I would love to be right now. It was such a great weekend at Lovetrails Festival where I ended up doing YOGA, trail running, coasteering and the typical glitter & fancy dress, DJ and live band festival vibes.

Oh, and I was camping with my new Decathlon Family Camping Tent! I’m fairly new to camping and definitely can still up the game but for now I got the basics covered and had a fabulous time.

For this trip I got a shiny brand new Decathlon Family Camping Tent. When you look at their website, it’s highlighted as their “Bestseller” and got Tent Owner Satisfactory award 2019. “Wow, sounds good but I love to test it myself”, I thought. Let’s have a look and step inside:

4 people tent with main area and separat sleeping area

It is a huge tent for 4 people. As I’m currently a single traveler, I invited my friend Kevin to join me. For 2 people it’s just the perfect size as you have enough room in the sleeping section as well as leaving your bags in the 5qm living room. If you have watched my IG storied you’ve seen me standing and jumping as the tent hight is 1.90m.


My previous camping trips I slept on a thin camping matt, this time I wanted to have more comfort and chose a inflatable mattress.

The mattress is a bit higher and reminds me of a regular one. For one person 80cm width works fine. It has a soft feel to it.

30 seconds and it’s ready to relax! Comes in a bag as shown. It deflates even quicker as you just remove the round plug. No hustle to fold it into the carry bag.

Here is my personal feedback about the tent:


  • Huge space for 2 people and luggage (no feedback with 4 people yet)
  • Instructions attached to tend carrybag (can’t loose them)
  • Colour markets made it easier to assemble inside and pole construction
  • Tent filters UV light, robust structure
  • Great value for money GBP 79.99 (July 2019)


  • Heat reduction elements included, however tent still heats up a lot in summer.
  • Pitching tent during darkness or under time pressure (rain), the starting point or finding front door was a challenge and was not indicated clearly enough. (high res mark would be very helpful)

After a beautiful run cross country and along the beach I wasn’t just looking forward to lay on a comfortable mattress I also was in need of food. I arrived at 10pm from my coasteering event and was exhausted. Good that my tent mate had cooked pasta! Loved him for that. We decided early on to buy a camping cooker to have coffee in the morning but also the opportunity to cook if we feel like it. This night the tent cooked pasta saved me!


Quick throwback to when I went on a hiking trip to France last year. As part of Decathlon Bloggers Community, I was invited to explore Quechua by Decathlon. One of the coolest innovations was this camping cooker. All – in – one! This item was on top of my wish list! Love it.

We got it covered! Coffee and eggs in the morning!

My camping weekend went too quickly and I know I’m back next year. I had a good time and like to thank Decathlon for gifting me the products and blog about it. All opinion are my own.

What else were we up to that weekend?

All glittered up and ready to party!


  1. May 15, 2021 / 12:16 pm

    Hi , may i know how is the waterproof of the entrance ground sheet ?

    • noebelsabine
      June 12, 2021 / 9:32 am

      Hi Jackson, we only had a little bit of rain and that was absolutely fine.

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