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Hands in the air, if you love fitness!

I’m so excited to tell you about this event! There are so many fun things coming up!

My blogging has been recently a bit slow. I know, I know.Private life was taking over.


Can you imagine I moved flat 2x this year? All happened within 2 month. That was kind of my exercise! Packing and carrying boxes! Emotionally a burnout… well that’s a different story.

But this really got me out and about again!

Just a few weeks ago this amazing opportunity came up. I guess you know Decathlon?

They are known for innovative fitness products but now they had this great idea to get together fitness blogger and create a #DecathlonBloggersCommunity.

How does that sound?


 All pics by Decathlon: Award winning Fitness Bloggers and me. Today we all felt like winners!


At the launch event I saw familiar faces like Mollie, Hellen, Corey, but I also met new bloggers like Stephen.

Back to school feeling. Introducing Decathlon and the new blogger community project!

2nd part was a fitness challenge outside.


First time ever I used ropes! That was challenging for my arms.

Back inside we had a snacks and some drinks. After physically been challenged, we had to answer questions in our groups. A QUIZ to test our general sport knowledge.

Too be honest, I wasn’t good at the QUIZ. Lot’s of questions about Tennis. Celebrities… I’m glad we worked in teams.

The whole evening was great. And after the fitness and quiz we were having fun. We all went beanbag crazy…



Fun time! Stephen was wearing one of Decathlon’s snorkelling mask innovation!

I love fitness, running and I’m currently planning my new challenges.
With my office work and back pain issue, I will start with easy strengthening workout. The goal is to get me back into weightlifting and beach body ready for next year. I fancy to go back into swimming, too.

Small running challenges like a Half Marathon early 2018 is definitely on the list. Working together with the other bloggers and the community Decathlon created will give YOU the chance to interact with us!

Stay tuned for more details.

 Plank! My favourite total body exercise! Which one is yours?

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