Best’s Bootcamp – London’s latest gym innovation


A few days ago I went to this launch event in the heart of London. At Charing Cross, under the Arches, up the escalator I met fellow bloggers getting excited for a challenge.

I stepped into the classroom and was impressed about all the equipment.

Left and right in front of the mirrors treadmills were lined up and in front of them there were boxes.

One person starting with the box workout and the other on the treadmill, then we swapped.

That morning I ran to work and being on the treadmill again was challenging for my legs. Overall the total body workout was fun and intense like an HIT workout (HIGH INTENISTY TRAINING).
What was new to me was the training style of two groups at the same time.

Group 1 Treadmill

Group 2 Box

The trainer managed to shout out the drills for each group while on the same time you could see him on the screen which offered a 360-degree visual experience.

To be honest I sometimes had problems to understand what to do next while on the treadmill. It took me a while to get used to the teaching 2 groups style. I thing after a few times you get used to it.

On my side of the room we had a 2nd trainer checking on us to perform the exercises the right way.

I really like to be corrected.

Pic I took just after I finished the last treadmill set.

One of the highlights for me as a runner was the treadmill.

I absolutely loved the great bounce of the machine and the set speed you have with just a finger tip on the touch screen. But here it comes… DOWNHILL function to -3! Wow how cool was that running downhill in the gym. Not just me, I thing everyone I talked to was impressed by the good equipment and in particular the treadmills.

Interviewing Scott from Best’s Bootcamp, I learned that the class capacity has a max of 42-person. Which is great as sometimes I can’t sign up to my favourite class due to low room capacity.

Now getting down to the facts each 50min class will cost  GBP 20,- and they offer packages and corporate rates as well.

Brilliant concept I thought, absolutely my cup of tea and with a 10 min walk from my office I will definitely come back.

CHEERS to the successful event and good luck for the opening on Monday 9th.

All views above are my own. Pictures by Marcel Grabowski Photography

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