BERLIN MARATHON: Countdown week 9



Week 09

Tuesday Track with Adventrunning in East London

warm up 1.2k

main session 4.4k

cool down 400m = 6k

Thursday Run to work 6.5 k

Sunday Long Run 15k with Eleni




Running training was quite solid this week.

I was aiming for 3x a week and nailed it.


The toughest session was track on Tuesday at Mile End Stadium in East London. After a warm up of 3 laps, there are activation drills like lunges, squats and other exercises to activate the legs. The main running session varies and this week was 1 lap short break 3x, 2 labs short break 2x and 3 laps once. These speed sessions were tough as I run at a faster pace I would normally do. If I have to slow down a bit during the last 1200m , I do so as I rather like to finish instead of fail and burning myself out. Here I learn to pace myself and listen to my body is very important.


Track sessions are one of the important weekly sessions during a Marathon training. It will help me improving my speed.



Pic: Healthy lunch


One day of the week I always run to work. Exercising in the morning is great. It’s out of the way and I can concentrate better at work. When I exercise and train for an event I need to snack more and try new and different snacks at work.


Pic: Healthy snack at work. Apple and Peanut Butter


Pic: Clapham Common Park Eleni and me


I met my new running buddy Eleni or she loves to call herself Ellen, on a blogger event a few weeks ago. We live fairly close and can meet up for long runs at the weekend.


It’s perfect to run with someone on a long run, it takes your mind a way while chatting. If you are able to have a conversation, you know that the speed is slow enough as it is you easy long run. So we did 15km starting at Clapham Common around the park, cross over at Battersea Bridge and along the river until Vauxhall Bridge. We passed Oval, Stockwell and ran back to Clapham Common for another small loop to get the 15k together.




Thanks for you company Eleni! We definitely do that again.



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